Woman Pushes Pram into Traffic during Argument

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Domestic disturbances can and do lead to injuries. A spat in public can do more than just make a scene, but it could lead to an arrest or civil suit. In fact, a bad temper can make us do things we'd never imagine ourselves doing. That's what one y...

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Tourist Plane Crashes in Alaska, Kills Nine

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The tourism industry is responsible for introducing billions of people to new experiences. They are also responsible for the safety of the people under their care. When that safety is violated, tour companies must be punished in the courts. A very...

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Seatbelt Stats from the ACT

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Seatbelts save lives, but that doesn't stop people from wearing them incorrectly or not at all. Nor does it stop police from fining individuals who don't wear them. A report from The Canberra Times details last year's seatbelt statistics from ACT. ...

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Car Fire after Crash in Abbotsford


What causes car fires in a collision? Usually, something causes the fuel system to rupture. A spark from the road or the heat of the vehicle causes petrol fumes to ignite. Car fires can also be caused by leaking oil. Being caught in a burning car i...

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Two Tram Accidents

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Today we have two unfortunate accidents from Victoria to talk about. Both of the accidents involve trams. Drivers and pedestrians must always use caution around trams. A tram cannot stop or get out of the way if they see you blocking them. All they...

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Accidents Increasing in Latrobe Valley

Latrobe Valley is an important part of Victoria’s economy. 85% of Victoria’s electricity is generated there. The valley is also home to many industrial factories for logging, paper production, and food processing. It is also an area where many ...

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