Research Proves How Dangerous Distracted Driving Is

Distracted driving has been getting more attention now than ever before, and it’s quite scary. The research shows that there’s a chance we’re guilty of it, or a distracted driver might crash into us.Distracted driving is not a new problem, but ...

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Drivers vs Cyclists: The Struggle for Power on the Road

Cycling Australia Accident

You’ve seen it before; a car stops short, a bike swerves. Yelling through an open driver’s window. Perhaps even a rude gesture from the person on the bike. These incidents happen everyday on our streets. The question is, who’s to blame for the ...

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What Do I Do if I’m Injured at a Pub?

Bar Injury Compensation Lawyers

You’re out at night with your friends; drinks are pouring and people become more bold and aggressive, as they do. There’s pushing and yelling, and in the end somebody is hurt. We understand; sometimes things happen that we don’t expect, and we ...

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7 nutrients for a healthy brain & foods to find them

bunch of fresh green spinach on wooden table

Back in June we shared news on the new Healthy Eating Pyramid and the five food groups we should all aim to eat every day to keep our hearts healthy and our waistline in check. But in designing our ultimate wholefood diet, it is just as important tha...

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Swerving Driver on Freeway Caught Drink Driving


It is a shame that people continue to drink drive despite all of the effort that has gone into education and enforcement. Drink driving puts people at a severe risk of injury and death. Alcohol impairs many of the functions needed to drive safely a...

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The 10 Largest Class Action Lawsuits in Australia and the World


A ‘class action’ is a lawsuit in which either one person, or a number of people, sues a company or institution on behalf of a larger ‘class’ of those who share the same, or a similar, grievance. ...

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