Australian Skydivers Killed in US Motorcycle Trip

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Travelers abroad sometimes worry about how drivers in another country will act. Some countries are notorious for bad driving or strange road rules. But some travelers love the open road and are willing to get the training needed to drive legally in...

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Elderly Cyclist Killed on Mother’s Day

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On Mother's Day, a 77-year-old cyclist was struck and killed on Geelong-Ballan Road in Anakie. Police are searching for the man responsible, and believe that he may have had help in covering up the crime. Police found the vehicle involved, a VT Ho...

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James Hird Involved in Cycling Crash


James Hird of the Bombers was involved in a cycling crash recently. He crashed into the road near Toorak Road and Chapel Street, hitting his head on the road and knocking himself out. The road was wet that day and it is likely the bike slipped out ...

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Tram Driver Caught Texting on the Phone


Distracted driving is dangerous for everyone, but it's especially dangerous when a tram driver decides that talking on the phone is more important than the safety of passengers. Even if no one gets hurt, if a tram driver is caught they can expect t...

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Morwell Mine Firefighter Urges Leukaemia Testing


The after-effects of a workplace accident may not show up until years later. This can make it difficult to prove liability against an employer, but it is still important to fight for due compensation. The fire at the Morwell mine lasted 45 days. O...

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Nightclub Incident Leads to Road Rage Crash

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Road accidents don't just happen between two unsuspecting cars. They can be very deliberate. It is a crime to use a vehicle as a weapon. If you are caught, you'll definitely face criminal charges, and quite possibly civil ones as well after the cri...

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