The 10 Largest Class Action Lawsuits in Australia and the World


A ‘class action’ is a lawsuit in which either one person, or a number of people, sues a company or institution on behalf of a larger ‘class’ of those who share the same, or a similar, grievance. ...

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Returning to work: An employer’s responsibilities to an injured worker

All employers have a legal duty to ensure the health and safety of their employees, and this includes providing a safe and supportive environment for any injured worker looking to return to work. Aside from the legal obligation, a safe and suppor...

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Asparagus and White Bean Salad

To put our health article into practice this month, we’ve found a mouth-watering, anti-inflammatory asparagus and white bean salad. For a complete meal bursting with anti-inflammatory properties, why not go one step further and serve it with a ...

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Mood boosting foods that fight inflammation

Hands up if you are guilty of reaching for a quick sugary snack come 4pm to help you get through the rest of the day. Well the good news is that you aren’t alone (most of us do it!). The bad news is that that unfulfilling bite can kick start ch...

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How to make a boating accident claim in Victoria

Recreational boating is very popular in Victoria, with many locals and tourists cruising down the Yarra River throughout the year checking out the great buildings and architecture that make Melbourne such a beautiful and delightful city. Howev...

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The Risks and Legal Implications of Planned Homebirth

Planned homebirth is a sensitive and controversial issue in Australia after several cases in which either the mother or child did not make it due to complications. The fact is that there is a lack of public funding available to make it possible ...

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