Cyclist Sustains Injuries While Riding

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Cycling is a popular past-time in Australia, but it is a dangerous one. Cyclists and motorists have to share the same roads. An unpredictable or inattentive manoeuvre by either party puts both at the risk of a crash.  Due to lack of protection, an...

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Two Siblings Die in Wintry Crash

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The weather on the roads is getting worse as winter approaches. This means an increase in road accidents, injuries, and fatalities. At least 19 accidents were reported over this last Easter weekend. Here is another one that involves great tragedy. ...

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Do I Need a Lawyer to Deal with the TAC?


In the unfortunate event of an injury sustained from a motor vehicle accident in Victoria, you can make a claim to the Transport Accident Commission (TAC). The TAC is a government organisation that deals with claims relating to motor accidents an...

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Easter Candies Recalled due to Bad Labeling

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Many people suffer from food allergies. The reaction to a food allergy can range from mild to deadly. Food manufacturers are required to label their products with allergy information to warn consumers about the presence of common allergens. If the ...

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South Australian driver jailed over family crash


It only takes one mistake to send someone from a happy life to a life in prison. A man described as a pillar of the community with an unblemished record had a moment of distracted driving. He ended up killing four people and injuring a fifth. Now h...

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Rash of Crashes over Easter Weekend

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There were a rash of crashes in Victoria over Easter Weekend that have left several dead and others injured. We’re going to focus on one of those in today’s article. This accident happened on the South Gippsland Highway. A silver sedan was neg...

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