An Employer’s OHS Duties in Victoria


It is a legal requirement in Australia that employers provide a safe premises for both workers and visitors. The 1985 OHS Act was implemented to ensure the safety of workers at their jobs, and the updated 2004 OHS Act was amended to extend the term...

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Making Claims for Psychological or Mental Injury


When a loved one dies, or you witness the death or serious injury of a fellow worker, the anxiety, stress, and grief you experience can be very intense. But in the eyes of the law, it’s not enough to justify a claim of mental harm or psychiatric ...

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Compensation for Asbestos Related Diseases


Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral with properties that make it ideal for building and construction. It is fire resistant, makes excellent thermal insulation, is inexpensive to produce, and when added to cement, increases its strength and li...

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Delivering sport and rec to Victorians with disability

Did you know that only one in four Victorians with disability actively participate in some form of sport and recreation, compared to three in four Victorians without disability? This is an incredibly concerning statistic given that less active peop...

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Your Rights as a Medical Patient in Victoria


As a patient in hospital you have numerous rights that, by law, cannot be violated. These rights are enacted in domestic federal law as well as international law, via the obligations Australia has taken to uphold human rights. If you are a patient i...

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The Employee’s Guide to the Workers’ Compensation Claim Process in Victoria


Accidents and illnesses that occur in the workplace can be stressful, and the subsequent process may seem quite daunting and uncertain to many. If you’re an employee who’s suffered an accident at work that caused you serious injury or illness, y...

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