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TAC Car Accident Lawyers

Have you or a loved one been injured in a Transport Accident Commission Car Accident?

If you answered ‘yes’, Henry Carus and Associates is uniquely placed to provide you with the assistance and support you need to deal with your claim and help you get compensated for your injury.

Our extensive experience

Henry Carus leads a team of six solicitors with extensive experience in the ins and outs of the complicated TAC legislation scheme.

Henry Carus started his career in New York City as a trial lawyer acting for both those who have been injured and major insurance companies. He has personally handled from start to finish hundreds of car accident claims – something no person acting as a solicitor alone can say.

When Henry Carus came to Melbourne over 20 years ago he worked for a major insurance firm and his first client was the TAC. He learned the legislation inside and out, and knows how the system can truly operate to help an injured person. Henry Carus is now an accredited specialist in Personal Injury Law. Teaming up with Wendy Kleyn, another specialist, and the rest of our dedicated lawyers, we seek to guide, advise and provide outstanding outcomes to those seriously injured.

Our recent successes

Some of our recent successes for our TAC clients include:

Case #1 A husband who lost his wife in a car accident and injured his back Result:We sued and our client received compensation of over $1.1 million
Case #2 A woman who was crossing the road and was hit by car, injuring her knee Result:We sued and our client received compensation of over $300,000
Case #3 A tram passenger who injured her back in an accident with another car Result:We sued and our client received compensation of over $350,000

It is not only our legal experience that makes us able to achieve outstanding results – it is our commitment to our clients. Many firms in this area of the law will undertake practices and procedures to “speed” a claim along so that it can be resolved quickly. Speed however, is not always to the benefit of a client. As a former insurance lawyer with over 30 years experience, Henry Carus knows that the consequences of many injuries are not truly known right away.

Our lawyers, including one who has many years experience as a dedicated nurse, have an understanding of what injuries can mean over a lifespan. Time is often needed to learn of the long-term effects. That’s why we patiently pursue your case until a satisfactory result is provided.

The TAC legislation will be available for a seriously injured person for the rest of their life. The TAC has a legal duty to provide services under the legislation. Our firm remains at your side for the rest of your life to fight for you should the TAC fail to provide the medical and related support that you are due.

Our cost arrangements

We know how tough this time is for you, and we don’t want anything to stand in the way of you receiving the outcome that you need. That’s why we support our TAC clients with the following cost arrangements:

  • We do not ask you to pay for our services until you win;
  • We do not ask for money for out of pocket expenses up front;
  • We do not ask you to sign a Credit Funding Agreement to pay for out of pocket expenses, where the interest will be added to your final bill.

Our Legal Costs Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our service within the first 90 days, our Legal Costs Satisfaction Guarantee means that you can ask for us to stop working for you without payment to us of any legal bill.

So, if you or someone you know has been injured in any way by a motor vehicle, give us a call today on 1800 896 005 and one of our team will provide you with free, instant advice.