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Win maximum financial compensation

Henry Carus and Associates are specialist Personal Injury Lawyers dedicated to winning you the highest amount of financial compensation possible. While you concentrate on getting well.

Pay nothing until you win

There are no fees until we win your case – and we win for more than 98% of our clients. Henry Carus and Associates offer a caring and personalised service including:

  • Free over-the-phone case assessments
  • Free one-on-one legal consultations
  • Free home and hospital visits
  • Free translation and interpretation services

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Early legal advice from a specialist Personal Injury Lawyer is critical to your success.

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Our experience is your success...

Trevor wins $160,000

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Trevor came to us after seeing two other personal injury solicitors who told him he had no claim. We disagreed and won Trevor a settlement sum of $160,000.

Lee wins $1.1 million

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The TAC offered Lee about $750,000. We believed we could get a better result, and we were right. Lee's final settlement sum?
$1.1 million.

Jianping wins $288,000

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Jianping was offered a lump sum compensation of $60,000 - not nearly enough. We pulled together a stronger case and won Jianping a final settlement sum of $288,000.

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