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Compensation Claims

From road accidents and work-related injuries, through to falls in public spaces...

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Public Accidents

With over 30 years of experience working on public accident cases, we have...

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WorkCover Accidents

From claims being rejected, medical benefits being unpaid, to income benefits...

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TAC / Road Accidents

Whether you’ve been injured as a vehicle driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist...

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Personal Injuries

There are many occasions when there is a case to be made for personal injury...

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Slips & Falls

Unfortunately slips, trips and falls in public spaces are an all too familiar occurrence.

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Medical Negligence Claims

As one of the most challenging areas of compensation law...

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Birth Injury Claims

Arguably the most traumatic and stressful area of compensation law...

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Superannuation Claims

Whether through an accident, or as a consequence of a serious health issue...

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Insurance Claims

Either by way of injury, or because of ill health, not being able to work...

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Defective Product Claims

A niche area of compensation law, defective product claims...

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