Top Aussie Law Blogs

best blogs in Australia

For each area of law, there is a vast array of information to know, legislation to be familiar with, and case law to follow. Law blogs can be a useful medium to keep abreast of […]

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How Much Will Studying Law Set You Back?

In all countries, studying law is a large investment – but in some countries, you’re only investing time, not money. We’ve researched some universities around the world to see what the tuition fees for each […]

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Bizarre Laws From Around the World

bizarre laws in Australia

Laws are a reflection of society: of public interests and community behaviour. For example, the NSW ‘one-punch law’, which is a new offence targeted at a person who injures someone in what is colloquially known […]

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How to make a claim against an airline

Legal Claims Against Airlines Victoria

Since the introduction of cheap airline tickets more people are flying, but this can come with a hidden cost. If your flight has been delayed or cancelled, your luggage lost or you have suffered an […]

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