Swerving Driver on Freeway Caught Drink Driving

drinking and driving lawyer victoria

It is a shame that people continue to drink drive despite all of the effort that has gone into education and enforcement. Drink driving puts people at a severe risk of injury and death. Alcohol […]

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How to make a boating accident claim in Victoria

Boating Accident Claim in Victoria

Recreational boating is very popular in Victoria, with many locals and tourists cruising down the Yarra River throughout the year checking out the great buildings and architecture that make Melbourne such a beautiful and delightful […]

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Planned Homebirth Can Be Risky

complications of homebirth in melbourne

Planned homebirth is a sensitive and controversial issue in Australia after several cases in which either the mother or child did not make it due to complications. The fact is that there is a lack […]

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12 of the World’s Strangest Laws

strange laws of the world

  There are some weird laws out there that make you wonder: “Who came up with these and what were they thinking?” Yes, the laws are funny, but the fact is that you could get […]

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