A Guide to Worker’s Compensation in Victoria

worker injury claims Victoria

Have you been injured at work? Was the injury sustained as a result of carrying out your work duties? Did it occur as a result of your employer not having a safe workplace? Every employer […]

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Injured in a Public Space: Who is at Fault?

compensation for public space injuries

You’ve probably seen the ‘slippery when wet’ sign before. Or perhaps the ‘caution: uneven surface’ sign. Shopping centres, councils, and most other public spaces utilise these signs to inform the public of potentially dangerous situations. […]

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Whistleblowing and the Rule of Law

whistleblowing and the law in australia

A “whistleblower” is a colloquial term defined in the Macquarie Dictionary as a person who discloses wrongdoing or illegal activity within an organisation to the public. The person will typically come from within the same […]

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