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What the expression ‘No Win No Fee’ means and why its important for you

You’ve heard it on commercials, seen it on ads, and you’ve possibly questioned what it means and its importance to you.It’s an expression that is used all throughout Australia by law firms, particularly injury law firms. The expression was developed and promoted by lawyers all throughout Australia to make them more approachable – since law can be pricey. It gives people like you comfort in knowing that your pocket is not being eaten away as you frequently meet with and communicate with your lawyer. If you’re investigating hiring a solicitor

The Contingency Fee Concept

When you go to a lawyer you’re paying for their time and any other costs for the service a lawyer might add on. If a law firm is working on a contract they might charge a fee for the amount of time writing up the contract plus their standard contract fee. It’s a pay as you go system, if you don’t have the money you just stop going. Most lawyers will bill you on a monthly basis This is usually the case for most areas of law.

Why the personal injury area is different

Injuries are quite expensive. There’s nothing affordable about an injury. You get in a road accident and suddenly your vehicle is all banged up needing repairs – that’s not affordable. Your job is put on hold since its difficult to attend with your physical injuries – that’s not affordable. You’re having to spend time in the hospital and the medical bills keep on growing – that’s not affordable. If you have to pay for a lawyer even if you lose – that’s not only not affordable but at this point it will sink you into some serious debt. Our firm understands this about your needs and that’s why we don’t take a penny from you if you don’t win. Not all firms work like this, some will charge ‘dispursement’ fees meaning you’ll still owe them for certain items that they handled during the course of your claim. This can add up, even into the thousands. That’s not us, we’re passionate about the idea of never charging if you don’t win money.

How the No Win No Pay works for your advantage with our belief that You Deserve More

The No Win No Fee lawyer policy is a win win for both parties, the injured person and the lawyer. You might be thinking how so for the injured? but it is if you hire our law firm because we push for you to get the most out of your claim. Yes – if you win there will be a fee, but imagining winning more than you expected because you hired our law firm to go the distance for you. It’s as if the fee for winning was an investment. Hiring a law firm that doesn’t push to get you more for your claim can result in it being more of a fee, than an investment because when you walk away from your claim you didn’t get the most out of your claim.

Our firm is committed to our clients and what we promise

We promise No Win No Pay lawyers policy, and we believe that You Deserve More. We plan on living by these two statements. Our lawyers are committed to what we profess. When you sign up with our firm you can rest easy at night knowing our lawyers are committed to your success without taking more from you if you lose.