Road Rules and Regulations for Victorian Cyclists

biking rules in victoria

With an increasing number of cyclists every year, Victoria boasts excellent cycling infrastructure and a large community of eager riders. While cycling is often considered a recreational activity that is seemingly quite safe and harmless, […]

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An Employer’s OHS Duties in Victoria

OHS act in australia

It is a legal requirement in Australia that employers provide a safe premises for both workers and visitors. The 1985 OHS Act was implemented to ensure the safety of workers at their jobs, and the […]

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Delivering sport and rec to Victorians with disability

Did you know that only one in four Victorians with disability actively participate in some form of sport and recreation, compared to three in four Victorians without disability? This is an incredibly concerning statistic given that […]

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Your Rights as a Medical Patient in Victoria

what are my rights as a medical patient

As a patient in hospital you have numerous rights that, by law, cannot be violated. These rights are enacted in domestic federal law as well as international law, via the obligations Australia has taken to […]

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