When A Compensation Lawyer Can Help

accident lawyers in Australia

Personal injury law can cover matters such as compensation against an employer for a workplace injury, a motor vehicle accident between members of the public, medical negligence or an accident in a public space. Workers […]

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Developments in Australian Law Helped Define The Country

new developments in Australian law

As Australia developed its own identity discrete from the United Kingdom, it also developed laws that recognised the Australian identity. One critical body of law that developed was the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (“the Constitution”). […]

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Top Aussie Law Blogs

best blogs in Australia

For each area of law, there is a vast array of information to know, legislation to be familiar with, and case law to follow. Law blogs can be a useful medium to keep abreast of […]

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How Much Will Studying Law Set You Back?

In all countries, studying law is a large investment – but in some countries, you’re only investing time, not money. We’ve researched some universities around the world to see what the tuition fees for each […]

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