Injured in a Public Space: Who is at Fault?

compensation for public space injuries

You’ve probably seen the ‘slippery when wet’ sign before. Or perhaps the ‘caution: uneven surface’ sign. Shopping centres, councils, and most other public spaces utilise these signs to inform the public of potentially dangerous situations. […]

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Whistleblowing and the Rule of Law

whistleblowing and the law in australia

A “whistleblower” is a colloquial term defined in the Macquarie Dictionary as a person who discloses wrongdoing or illegal activity within an organisation to the public. The person will typically come from within the same […]

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Court Jests: Top 9 Lawyer Bloopers

best law bloopers

Court cases are often seen as boring, tedious and drawn out processes that you’d prefer to avoid. Lawyers can be thought of in the same regard. Yet sometimes amidst all the tension of a case, […]

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When A Compensation Lawyer Can Help

accident lawyers in Australia

Personal injury law can cover matters such as compensation against an employer for a workplace injury, a motor vehicle accident between members of the public, medical negligence or an accident in a public space. Workers […]

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