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The Risks of an Active Lifestyle in Victoria

Physical activity is good for the human body but is it a liability?

Medical professionals,educators and health enthusiasts for many decades have promoted the idea that physical activity offers vital health benefits for the body – making our lives better and healthier if we engage in physical activities. We don’t doubt the health benefits and the influence they have on the quality of life but we question the risks associated with physical activity and if certain specific activities are worth pursuing without insurance and even with insurance.

Physical activities that come with inherit dangers can include; cycling, skiing, water sports, hiking, walking, and even running. These activities are loved and pursued by many Australians in Victoria so what we’re saying can seem quite dissatisfying to Australians but our opinion is to not give these healthy recreational activities up, but to really think about the liability and dangers they pose to your family, career, and even well being — then to make decisions that will minimise those risks by taking safer routes, understanding and obeying the laws, and not going to extremes in each of the activities.

A simple decision to not be insured and then to go cycling can be the most financially damaging decision you can make. For instance, imagine you’re our cycling, you’re going down a hill, and you happen to lose control of your bike and end up severely hurt on the side of the road. Your injuries are so bad the medical bills are deep into the thousands, you can’t attend work and now losing your residence is a strong possibility if you don’t recover in time. Was that bike ride worth it now? Could you have taken a different route that would’ve been safer? If you had the right cycling insurance would you have been protected from all of the financial damages? We explore these ideas.

Can medicare insurance protect you financially from physical activity injuries?

Under the medicare system getting quality care is known to be more difficult as well as even getting money to pay for the injuries outside of the home. People that have had their injuries paid for have even shown a lack of satisfaction with the compensation. To bridge the gap with compensation its best to even just look into private insurance. If you’re very serious about cycling, or any activity the best solution is to look into getting private insurance for that activity. It can seem like a financial burden to pay have another monthly bill for a premium policy but you have to recognise that the moment you begin your physical activity outside of the home you’re at risk. As a compensation lawyer we deal with Australians who have been injured everyday –these victims know from experience that injuries happen when not expected and the right insurance can make the biggest difference in the world.

Most Home Insurance Policies Can Protect You

For some of the accidents you might actually be the person responsible for the accident. In these situations your home insurance policy might be able to come to the rescue and protect you if your private insurance can’t. There’s an interesting quirk in the home insurance policy that most Australians are not familiar with, and that is the fact that any accident you’re responsible for can be covered by your home insurance policy. It’s an insurance liability provision that’s on the policy (not all but most) and it covers accidents in the home and anywhere in Australia that you’re responsible for. Be sure to check with your home insurance representative to see if this included on your policy.

What if I’m a runner?

If you’re a runner and you run on sidewalks and trails your risk is much lower. In Victoria that are bike trails that allow for runners – if you cause an accident on one of these trails it can be costly. Make sure you have the insurance that can help cover you for those if you run frequently. Be careful anytime you run in the street, try to run as far from vehicles as possible.

Can a health insurance policy cover me for an injury during an activity?

If you pay for private health insurance they will typically cover your injury regardless of the activity. The potential downfall of just relying on health insurance is the fact that they might not cover lost income and even the property damages to your damaged equipment. Meaning – if you’re involved in a sports activity that is expensive you might want to only consider buying insurance for that specific activity if it’s an expensive activity. Otherwise allow for your medical insurance to cover you. Please be sure to confirm with your insurance representatives that your insurance will cover you for those activities.

List of high risk physical activities


  • Cycling – One of the most dangerous and common practiced around Melbourne
  • Hiking – Not near the road but if not properly trained can be fatal
  • Jogging/Running – Not as dangerous but if near traffic it can be a risk
  • Skiing – Not near the road, but similar to hiking, can be dangerous if not properly trained
  • Surfing – Can be very dangerous
  • Sports – Depends on what sport, always make sure the organisation you play for offers insurance


Insurance companies are good at cutting corners with compensation

In any physical activity case if you’ve been injured and you’re seeking compensation you should always consult with one of our solicitors . Insurance companies will do their best to pay the least amount of compensation for a personal injury claim. Our lawyers know how they work and we believe in our ability to provide the best consultations in Melbourne. With offices scattered all over Victoria we’re ready to talk.