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WorkCover Claim Testimonial – Testimonial of Jing Kai Chai

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We are here today and you have now given me instructions to settle your claim so I am excited to ask you couple of questions. My first question is: “how did you find my firm, how did you hear of us?”

[Jing Kai Chai] -From 3CW radio program.

So you called our firm and is it fair to say you don’t have a high level of English?

[Jing Kai Chai] -Yes I agree.

When you called our firm, were you happy with the ability to speak to people here in your own language?

[Jing Kai Chai] – I felt like I found a real helper who understood my difficulties. I don’t speak English well so I felt very comfortable to speak with a Chinese-speaking staff.

The Chinese staff that you had a chance to work with, because we have a few. You’ve been with the level of service that we have been giving to you?

[Jing Kai Chai] -The service that I received is very good, especially Phoebe did an awesome job in interpreting, clear and very easy for me to understand. I feel appreciated.

I speak English and so I try to explain my ideas in simple language. Have you found you can understand what I have been trying to tell over the years about your rights and your entitlements and your benefits?

[Jing Kai Chai] -I believe you’ve done very well. You gave me a lot of confidence. I am very confidence with his help.

You haven’t been treated nicely by the WorkCover system, do you agree?

[Jing Kai Chai] -agree.

We hope as a firm, we can make a difference to people in getting them a least fair compensation for their injury, will that be something that you think we have done for you?

[Jing Kai Chai] -Very good. I feel helpless when I don’t speak English however in an English speaking environment. Your firm has done a lot for me.

Your kind of a special type of claim that we don’t see very often, that is someone with a physical injury that has changed dramatically overtime to be a very serious psychiatric injury. When we started this voyage together or this trip, we thought you would get a Pain and Suffering certificate for your physical injury and that seems fair at that time. Do you agree? Because you had hope to go back to work, agree?

[Jing Kai Chai] -agree.

Along the way, your difficulties with your state of mind started and we advised you we can change and get you Certificates for Pain and Suffering and Economic Loss and we succeed in doing so. Do you agree?

[Jing Kai Chai] -yes.

You do things on trust. You listening to me and you following me advice because you feel that you can trust our firm in achieving what we say. Do you agree?

[Jing Kai Chai] -agree. I totally trust HCA. I have been listening to the radio program every Sunday and what you achieved for me today makes me trust you even more. We have also learned a lot from legal knowledge.

I like that a lot. I think that the more my clients understand the law, the better I can achieve a result for them. Then I have a very important thing, I want to make sure that you feel that the final decision is yours, do you feel that today?

[Jing Kai Chai] -yes, I made the final decision.

Yes, the idea is to empower my clients.

[Jing Kai Chai] -yes, I am very satisfied with the outcome today through your hard-work.

[Wife of Jing Kai Chai] -We don’t expect to receive a large sum of compensation as long as it reflects a fair outcome compensates the pain and loss my husband experienced after the injury. We are very satisfied with the result and he gets what he deserves.

Thank you for your time. Thank you so much.