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World Run Day for Spinal Cord Injury, Support Those Who Have Been Injured

participating in world run day

We at Henry Carus + Associates love to support and participate in local and community events, especially those with a sense of caring for others who need assistance.

Wings for Life World Run Day for Spinal Cord Injury is a cause we find close to our hearts, as we come across many clients with serious injuries including those with spinal cord injuries, which are life changing and can be debilitating.  We find though that there is support available to those affected by such injuries and the research organisations play a vital role in a person’s rehabilitation.

World Run Day for Spinal Cord Injury starts globally at 11am Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) at 34 locations all around the world – what an amazing feat!  Participants will slowly be ‘chased’ by the Catcher Car.  If the Catcher Car passes you, you’re out of the race, but can head back to the starting area where you can delight in stylish celebrations and watch live vision from the other national races.  Last year’s wheelchair competitor Aron Anderson won the national crown in Sweden, rolling a massive distance of 64.82km.  In the 2 years since its inception, from organic beginnings at Moscow Airport, over €7m (which is over AUD $10m) has been raised for spinal cord injury projects internationally.

Supported by ambassadors such as Barney Miller, Formula One racing car champions Daniel Ricciardo and David Coulthard who is lucky enough to be the driver of the Catcher Car in Melbourne this year.  Barney was a promising pro surfer, who has fought hard after sustaining a spinal cord injury from a motor vehicle accident 17 years ago.  Barney has just released a documentary about his journey and has achieved so much with the support available to him.

For those who don’t mind a night time activity, the race starts in Melbourne at 9pm on Sunday 8th May.  Walk, run, roll or channel your inner Forrest Gump in this fun and inspirational fund raising challenge.  Work off those Mother’s Day calories and have a good night’s sleep feeling good about your dedication to those in need of spinal cord injury research.

The Event hub is located at Paterson Reserve, 484 Auburn Road, Hawthorn East and the course runs on the Monash Freeway from Toorak Road on-ramp heading Eastbound.  Of course, if you’re not up to braving the Melbourne weather, there is also the opportunity to donate via the website.


For more information, please visit Wings For Life World Run.