The Story about this Medical Negligence Claim

Alyssa came to our offices after a tattoo removal procedure which was performed by CDC Clinics. The procedure was done in one session and ultimately burned our client’s skin to the point where she was left with horrific scarring.  There was expert evidence obtained by our office which indicates that any such removals ought to be conducted over numerous sessions and carefully to avoid burns. Alyssa is a young woman who prides herself on keeping up with the latest fashion trends and looking her best. She had aspirations of getting into modelling. The scarring to her forearms left her with a permanent disfigurement and distress.

Prior to attending our office, she had seen different law firms but was not confident in their ability to fully appreciate her loss.

We appreciated her difficulties and litigated her matter all the way to a 7 day trial leading to a verdict which was in her favour. The Judge believed our client and found her to be a witness of truth. Her history was also supported with a clear history of photographs and attendances on doctors. It was a wonderful result for a well deserving client.

Moreover, we successfully defended the original verdict on appeal by the Defendant.

Alyssa has recently written to us with a thank you email!

We take this opportunity to again congratulate Alyssa on a hard fought and well-deserved outcome.

Actual Client Testimonial.

This event had made me emotionally and physically unhappy. I lost so much of what I could’ve built over the years I lost due to my injury. The way people judge and comment on my arm if I wore a t-shirt saying that’s nasty burn, or what a decent burn she has.

At the time I was trying to become a model through an agency, I was just trying to make my image better and get myself ready for the next chapter in my life.

It has severely impacted my life; I can’t be around fire or heat I literally stay far away from those things because I’m scared. The healing process for my laser tattoo removal was so excruciating & painful I would not want anyone to go through what I went through. So, I highly recommend people do their research and read reviews before they walk into a clinic not knowing anything. I have been covering my arm either with long sleeve tops, or long sleeve dresses or hold my handbag a certain way that no one can see my burns.

I was too embarrassed to even go out in public anymore, I lost all my friends.
At the time of my case the only people I had in my life, was my amazing lawyer from Henry Carus + Associates, Mr. Dino Beslagic and my lovely partner who made me stay positive throughout the whole journey. He stuck by my tears and sadness every day.

I’m so grateful for my lawyer, Dino Beslagic, from Henry Carus & Associates.
This was a case & a journey that he won for me, and it was so tough to do which not many were able to do but he stuck by me and my case which I’m so happy about the outcome.

Unfortunately, the beauty industry is like that, and people do walk away with injuries. Not all the time, but depending on where you go. At the end of the day all we want is to better ourselves, our image, who we are, and what we have. Life is NOT just all about beauty, it’s about our goals in life, achievements, and the beauty within. ❤️ I hope that my case can better the beauty industry and hope that it can help other people out there.


Mr Dino Beslagic and Henry Carus & Associates

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