Basil and Henry Carus + Associates

The Story about this Public Liability Claim

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Basil was enjoying a stroll with his wife and a couple of friends along the local beach walkway. It was the first nice weather in a while, and naturally a lot of people were out and about. The walkway was very crowded.

A skateboarder and a cyclist were coming from opposite directions, collided with each other and then together (along with the bike!) fell on top of Basil, throwing him onto the hard concrete.

Basil suffered multiple injuries including fractured hip as a result.

We pursued Basil’s claim vigorously, and after much persistence, we were able to obtain significant compensation for Basil.

This is what Basil has to say about his experience.

Actual Client Testimonial

Dear Eliza, Henry, Amy and the team,

Thank you very much for your great effort over 2,5 years to win this very difficult, landmark case, and achieve the successful outcome with my compensation claim. The conclusion of the case and the settlement provides very significant peace of mind in relation to future like treatment of my injury and the associated expenses.

Your dedication, professionalism, admin and punctuality it second to none. I felt very comfortable working with you, as we seemed to be in sync and on the same page from day one.

I am looking forward to our outing (on me!) to celebrate this win, and close the claim.

I wish to express my gratitude to all Henry Carus + Associates team members, and have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in a need.



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