The Story about this TAC Claim

Carolyn is a lovely person, who was in excellent health, enjoying her retirement years with her husband when hit as a pedestrian by a car. She made a relatively good recovery but was left with serious physical consequences that we could see warranted a TAC serious injury certificate and compensation. We were fortunate to achieve such for Carolyn without the need for any litigation.

Carolyn now writes to us to say

Actual Client Testimonial.

The day of my accident started out as a normal day. I had been to the gym for a personal training session, enjoyed coffee with my husband at our favourite local café and was walking back to our car.

The next thing I remember I was looking up at the sky and there was a flash of light. Thankfully my husband was able to lift me off the road and propped me up against the traffic light pole. The accident was described as ‘pedestrian vs car’, which for me was not a good outcome, but it could have been a lot worse.

After surgery to repair my broken hip and four nights in hospital my long road to recovery began.

Not long after the accident, my husband arranged a meeting with Henry and right from the start he was very supportive and confident that I was entitled to some compensation. Henry’s thorough understanding of the TAC system and its procedures are a definite asset.

Henry and his staff worked tirelessly to ensure I be granted a serious injury certificate, and although I was required to attend many different appointments to achieve this, I was wholeheartedly supported throughout the whole process.

The pandemic meant that zoom conferences were sometimes necessary, however this process was managed efficiently by Henry and his staff.

I was very thankful that I did receive some compensation from the TAC and wish to thank Henry, Georgina and the team for their unfaltering efforts on my behalf.

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