The Story about this TAC Claim

Chloe was on her way to work driving on the Westgate freeway. She was in the left-hand lane when the driver of a B-Double truck travelling in the next lane suddenly crossed into her lane and hit the right rear wheel of her car. She spun across the front of the truck and the truck continued to push her car sideways along the freeway until she spun again into another lane. She suffered multiple injuries however was able to return to work fulltime. Irrespective of Chloe’s full return to work we were able to settle her claim for pain and suffering as well as loss of potential earning capacity.

Here is what Chloe said about Henry Carus + Associates:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to Ciltra and Sakina for the hard work and relentless hours that was put int my case. It was such an amazing outcome for myself and my family, so i can’t thank you enough.

There was a point in my case where the TAC denied the common law claim but Ciltra pushed and believed we had a strong case, therefore it was reveiwed. I’m so glad Ciltra supported an encouraged me to push on, as i wouldn’t have the outcome i received without her hard work. Ciltra was a great listener and a caring lawyer who really emphasised with what i am going through. She would give me regular updates on my case and how it was tracking.
I would highly recommend Ciltra at Henry Carus and Associates as she is an amazing lawyer who will really look after you.

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