The Story about this TAC Claim

David was seriously injured when T-boned by a car turning right as he was riding his motorcycle. After a number of operations and numerous admissions to hospitals, he has been with ongoing issues with his hips, left knee, scarring, nerve damage and psychiatric reactions.

David is a young man, and the pre-accident active physical life he led has now greatly diminished with limited ability to walk long distances and engage in his favourite sporting activities.

TAC fortunately agreed to grant David a serious injury certificate and with detailed medical reports we were able to achieve for him an outstanding settlement without the need to go to Court.

David had the following to say:

Actual Client Testimonial.

In 2018 I was involved in a motorcycle accident that disrupted my life and has had a lasting impact. During my time in hospital, I researched some law firms and the TAC compensations and claims process.

I was sceptical regarding how many law firms offered TAC services and spoke with a few of them.

I have been very pleased with Henry and his firm – they have been entirely transparent, and kept me informed of every discernible aspect of my case as well as actively supporting my recovery.

In addition, I believe they have achieved a strong outcome for me that would not have happened otherwise.

I strongly recommend Henry Carus and Associates to others seeking legal assistance after a road accident.

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