The Story about this TAC Claim

Donna stopped her vehicle to allow some ducks to finish crossing the road in front of her when she was rear ended by another vehicle. The force of the impact violently pushed her vehicle forward and Doona’s head and body struck the steering wheel and then jolted her backwards. As a result of the accident, she suffered multiple injuries.

Initially, Doona sought legal advice from a Plaintiff firm closer to her suburb. However, she received limited communications and if any only for the personal assistant. So, Donna came to Henry Carus for second opinion about her claim and decided change legal provider.

This is what Doona has to say about her experience with Henry Carus and Associate Lawyers after we settled Doona economic loss and pain and suffering claim.

Actual Client Testimonial.

When I met Ciltra at Brighton office, she welcomed me with a kind, caring, compassionate manner and, I immediately felt like I was in good hands, which meant a great deal to me. Ciltra understood what I was going through with my neck pain and suffering caused by the accident. Straightaway Ciltra gave me the confidence by, knowing what needs to be done on my injury claim, and how to get it done. Ciltra was a remarkable, experienced professional lawyer who is passionate about her work.

I was always informed and assured by Ciltra to, not to be stressed and she was always there when I needed her the most with my questions, even after business hours Ciltra still answered the phone. Ciltra always had my best interests at heart.

As my lawyer, I want to thank Ciltra and her team for all the hard work she carried out day and night to represent my injury claim and achieve the greatest results. I am grateful and absolutely satisfied with the outcome of Ciltra’s work. You were patient, respectful, dedicated, caring and supportive, which meant the world to me in the last 2 years.

I was nervous and stressed on the conference day. I want to thank Henry as well for attending the conference day and making it all less stressful for me with his kind words. Henry’s and Ciltra’s negotiation skills with the insurance company was very professional highly commendable. I 100% honestly recommend Henry Carus & Associates and their team for legal representation.

Kindest regards


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