Dorothy Milton and Henry Carus + Associates

The Story about this Public Liability Claim

Dorothy came to see us after suffering a significant closed head injury when she fell to the bottom of a set of stairs at a hotel

She was attending a women’s health event put on by her Rehab and Strength Training Gym in a conference room on the second floor

Like many older people, Dorothy is not always steady on her feet, and requires the use of a handrail when walking on stairs

Unfortunately, the stairs in the hotel had a handrail on only one side, and where the stairs turn, there is a break in that handrail, so that it cannot be used at all for several steps!

On this side the steps are also wedged which left only a very narrow space for Dorothy to put her foot causing her to slip and fall all the way to the bottom with no way to catch herself

Dorothy was unconscious for some time and bleeding heavily from her head. It was a very traumatic event for her and her husband who came to her aid shortly after the fall

We worked hard to get the documents that we needed to resolve Dorothy’s claim as quickly as possible. We were successful in securing an offer very early in Dorothy’s claim and she was very pleased to have the matter settled quickly so she could move on with her life.

Here is what she had to say about our services

Actual Client Testimonial

Over two years ago I was suffering from the after effects of a fall in a publc place which resulted in a brain bleed and other health issues. My first thought was to report this to Worksafe, as I did not want another patron or staff member to fall and experience the same trauma. No response came from Worksafe for 3 months. I then saw Henry’s advertisement in The Seniors newspaper, and contacted the firm.

I initially met with Ryan Moran and was impressed with his clear and concise explanation of legal procedures and my responsibilities. Ryan gave me hope and provided extremely professional services over two years. I met Henry at the latter stage of my claim. Ryan arranged for a specialist engineer to examine thoroughly the site of my accident. I believe this was the catalyst for preciptating an offer from the other parties.

Henry and Ryan were able to negotiate a settlement which will provide assistance and make my future life easier.

I have no hesitation in recommending Henry Carus & Associates to anyone who needs legal advice, assistance, and a satisfactory result.

Yours faithfully,

D Milton.

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