The Story about this Public Liability Claim

Ted is a lovely elderly gentleman who was fully enjoying his life in retirement. On the day of his fall, he had just played a game of bowls at the local club and was walking to his local supermarket to buy a toothbrush. He walked into the entrance of the store and all of sudden his foot slipped on something and he fell. He realized that he had slipped on ice. There was an ice machine at the front of the supermarket, but there was no mat on the floor.

We made a claim against the supermarket on Ted’s behalf. We argued that the risks of slipping on ice near the ice machine was high, which required a response that is equally high. We were able to resolve Ted’s claim without going to Court.

Ted has the following to say:

Actual Client Testimonial.

It was easter when I entered the supermarket and slipped on ice. The following 2 days I could not move or get dressed. I made an appointment with my doctor in 4 days. I decided to get legal advise from a lawyers locally i thought it would be easy to communicate. The lawyers office said go and see a doctor have your x-rays then come and see us. Very sharp not convincing. I was not impressed. I heard Henry Carus speaking on TV so i rang his office. Receptionist was instantly friendly offered good direction and a lawyer will ring you. I was concerned about living in the country so far away i was told this is not a problem. We will support and help you.

It was a very stressful experience having to give up lawn bowls for one year which i have returned to play. Permanently giving away Golf and working with Race horses as a stable hand because of my injuries to my lower back , left hip and the left shoulder which is the main concern. fter my x-rays, MRIs and ultra sounds my lawyer Eliza took eveything on board and did everything very professionally. When i had concerns or needed advise if Eliza was not avaible Amy was very helpful. I would like to thank ELiza and Amy for their good work and direction. When the conciliation was due i had a 3 way telephone hook up with Henry and Eliza. Henry was personally going to represent me when he gave me our concilication. i was so impressed with his presentation so accuate and caring and a great job i was really amazed.

Once again i would like to thank Eliza, Henry and everyone who has involved with my settlement. It was a good result.


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