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The Story about this Public Liability Claim

Elizabeth came to see us after suffering a nasty injury at the age of 78.

The accident occurred when she tripped and fell as she was walking through the entrance door of a café.

The cafe utilized bifold/sliding doors with a concrete lip and steel rail at the bottom, which created an obvious tripping hazard.

Elizabeth was attending the café with friends and it was very busy. Her attention was drawn away from the ground, causing her to trip on the lip and rail and fall, badly fracturing her right leg.

We were successful in obtaining compensation for Elizabeth’s injuries and the impact the injuries had on her life, on the basis that the design of the lip and rail was unsafe, and nothing was done to warn Elizabeth of this hazard.

Here’s what her son Michael had to say about our services:

Actual Client Testimonial

Hello Henry and Ryan,

Hope you are both well. I just wanted to say a big thank-you for the effort and outcome yesterday. I understand that Henry led the charge yesterday, however I just wanted to acknowledge Ryan’s inputs, guidance, patience and understanding when dealing with my mother directly, as well as his responsiveness to any of my requests or queries over the past few months – a valuable member of your team Henry! The entire process was seamless and guided for myself too, so in the complex legal world where words can be legally binding or mis-interpreted, I felt that we were well guided, based on our ability to interpret the information and respond correctly when required.

My mother is ecstatic with the outcome and as you would have noticed yesterday, a little speechless and emotional, as she mentioned, she has not had this kind of “win” before, so the extra push for 20k achieved above $200k, results in a great net result for her. It will be a huge help for her ongoing care, but has already been a great boost to her self-confidence and reversing of a negative mindset. The outcomes will assist greatly in her moving forward and more importantly “moving” and a future of greater mobility!

Again – a big thank-you to you both, as well as to all of the back of office team who also assisted.

Kind regards,


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