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The Story about this TAC Claim

Jacob came to us one month after he had been involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Jacob was riding his motorcycle when a car turned from a side street in front of him. Jacob threw himself from his bike to avoid hitting the car and seriously injured his shoulder in the process. Jacob was taken to hospital by Ambulance and had surgery on his shoulder requiring a plate. Since the surgery Jacob has complained of discomfort and pain through his shoulder, neck, and upper arm.

Jacob enjoyed swimming and holidays in Queensland with his family. Since his accident he can longer go swimming and struggles to sit in the car for longer periods of time. He returned to work 8 months after the accident but was no longer able to do his regular duties and retired early.

We attained appropriate independent medical reports which helped TAC come to a decision to grant Jacob a Serious Injury Certificate. Jacob was anxious to move on with his life and so very soon after the Serious Injury Certificate was granted, we were able to arrange an informal conference with TAC where we were able to resolve Jacob’s claim for pain and suffer and past and future economic loss. Jacob was delighted with the result and wrote:

Actual Client Testimonial

Hi , just a quick thanks for all your efforts in settling my claim, i was never sure what to expect if anything at all and i hope i was not too much of a bother to you. For me it was all new territory and had no idea about anything, and to get a result was just fantastic because the way things worked out for me after the accident both physically and mentally wasn’t too good at all and it was a relief getting some compensation. The timing couldn’t have been any better as i now have a new life altering health issue to deal with, but that is easier with the compensation claim put to bed.

David, i hope all is well with your family [ including your new addition ] and thanks for the patience you afforded me.

Alex, i wish you all the best with your career at hcalawyers and i am sure you have a long future there , it was lovely to meet you

Cassandra, you were always a rock and never failed to pass on everything really quickly and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

All the very best


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