The Story about this Public Liability Claim

Maria suffered a badly broken ankle when she was picking up her twin grandchildren from kindergarten

She had adopted the twins and another one of her grandchildren as infants, when Maria’s adult daughter (the kids mother) tragically passed away due to a sudden medical episode a couple of years prior

The accident happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the kindergarten had asked everyone to collect the kids from a side gate of the kinder, which was in the grounds of a primary school

There had recently been installed a ‘sensory garden’ at the school, which included an area with a number of rocks positioned in a circular fashion, right in front of the side gate to the kinder

The rocks were the same colour as the gravel underneath them and it was the first day Maria had picked up the kids in that spot

Just after her granddaughters were let out, she tripped on one of the rocks she did not see and fractured her ankle, requiring an operation with plates and pins.

After the operation, Maria struggled greatly to take care of her three grandchildren and her husband, who also has a medical condition

Our investigations revealed that WorkSafe had inspected the rocks, and ordered them to be removed, as they posed a major safety hazard

We were pleased to have been able to settle Maria’s claim on excellent terms, securing compensation for her pain and suffering, medical and like expenses and care for herself, her grandkids and her husband

Here is what she had to say about our services:

Actual Client Testimonial.

im very gratefull for everything the laywers have done for me they took my case on when no one else did they were respectfull and helpfull in all aspects they gave me a great outcome which im very very gratefull for thank you to all

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