The Story about this TAC Claim

Mary approached our firm in 2018 after being involved in a car accident caused by another driver running a red light. The crash took place at an intersection and Mary sadly sustained injuries to her spine and shoulder. During her time with us, we assisted her in obtaining statutory benefits from the TAC to support her recovery. With surgeries and treatment, she eventually made a full recovery. However, the TAC later refused to pay for these treatments, leaving Mary to pay out of her own pocket. Despite not being eligible for a Common Law compensation claim due to her fortunate recovery, our Medical + Like Services Guarantee allowed us to successfully challenge the TAC and secure reimbursement for the treatment they initially refused to cover. As a result, Mary was able to move forward with her life. Here are her kind words about her experience with us:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I cannot thank Ryan Moran & Amy Yang and the team at Henry Carus enough for all the help and guidance they gave me over the past 6 years which was made even more difficult during the 2 years of Covid lockdowns.

Without them I would not have been able to get the successful outcome of reimbursement for my shoulder surgery from the TAC.

I highly recommend Henry Carus & Associates to anyone who needs a professional and caring lawyer.

Mary Doukas

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