The Story about this WorkCover Claim

Our client Melissa was working as a cleaner when she fell down a flight of stairs, fracturing her ankle in two places. The accident impacted her life in many ways – Melissa was unable to work, required a cast and a moonboot, and ongoing physio treatment. She continued to experience pain and cramping which has impacted her balance since.

Nervous to lodge a personal injury claim and potentially go to court, our team were able to reach a successful settlement for Melissa without the need to go to court.

Here is what our client had to say about her experience:

Actual Client Testimonial.

It was July 2019 when I had a workplace accident which affected me physically and emotionally, falling down a flight of stairs resulting in fracturing my ankle in two places.

After being in a cast, a boot and then 2 years of physio and still being in a lot if pain with my ankle and not being able to do a lot of the things I used to do, I decided to give Henry Carus + Associates a call.

I was very nervous about putting in a compensation claim for my injury at first and maybe having to go to court was a bit worrying.

Once I spoke to Alex and he explained the process to me I felt more at ease.

Alex and his team did everything.

We recently settled my claim with great results.

A massive thank you to Alex and the team at Henry Carus and Associates who looked after my case from start to finish.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone that has gone through a workplace injury.

Melissa Lekic

Thank you

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