The Story about this Public Liability Claim

Rosa is a lovely elderly woman who was enjoying her retirement life.

A night of family birthday celebration at a commercial premises turned into an accident, when Rosa slipped on a set of steps at the premises.

As a result of the accident, she fractured her pelvis and lumbar spine. Her condition worsened and deteriorated with pain.

We pursued Rosa’s claim against the premises on the basis that the steps did not comply with a number of dimensional and physical requirements, including the lack of any handrail, which could have been installed by the premises at a low cost.

Her claim was strongly contested by the owner of the premises.

We persisted with Rosa’s claim and she received substantial compensation in the end, especially considering her age of 82 years old.

Here is what Rosa has to say about our service:

Actual Client Testimonial.

Like most people , we take for granted our physical attributes and mental well being throughout our youth and continuing undisrupted in our adulthood.

It was not until an encounter with a limitation in the duty of care owed to me by a commercially licensed and insured Party that in August 2016 , at the age of 77 years , I experienced traumatic interruption to my physical attributes and state of mind.

Henry Carus and Associates stood by me and my family as I endured 48 months of medical intervention and rehabilitation for extensive skeletal injuries to achieve a level of stabilisation but without significant recovery.

I have managed to accept that the injuries I sustained can be remedied because Henry Carus , Eliza Tan and the HCA Lawyers provided the compensatory assurance and the clinical rehabilitation framework that I desperately needed to gain confidence and immediate control over my health and my longer term wellbeing.

Henry Carus and the HCA Team of skilled lawyers demonstrated a unique capacity to articulate and prosecute the circumstances of my claim for compensation which , for the purpose of the pre-litigation negotiation phase , has been successful for my requirements.

My claim for compensation was not only undermined by the Defendant , it was also rigorously scrutinized by a panel of Medicare advisors in a way that Henry and Eliza both remarked was unprecedented for the type of claim for compensation that HCA Lawyers have prosecuted on my behalf.

By ensuring I was awarded a landmark pre-trial compensation outcome , Henry Carus not only safeguarded me and my family from an arduous cross examination and an insensitive Court Hearing during the February 2021 lockdown , HCA Lawyers were also successful to overturn the Medibank resistance to compromise it's sum of medical expenses necessarily incurred by me since August 2016.

Personal satisfaction , from my “once only” life experience with injury compensation law , is my Testimonial to the perceptual intuition of Mr.Henry Carus and his Team of forward thinking Lawyers whose loyalty was committed to protect my interests unconditionally.

Henry is a personable , charismatic straight talker with an exceptional skill to visualise the Client's problem and to chart an outcome.

I have recommended Henry Carus Lawyers to each of my Sisters and to my Son and to my Daughter , if the need for the best personal injury lawyer should ever arise again.

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