The Story about this WorkCover Claim

Stavros has been working as a mechanic for his entire life and worked hard to provide for his family. Whilst he was employed with his employer he sustained an injury to his shoulder which required operative procedures and extensive treatment. His health unfortunately deteriorated and due to his injury he was eventually forced to sell his home and draw money from his superannuation fund.

He was in a difficult position and the long and dragged out WorkCover process was really frustrating for him. Stavros came to our law firm after approximately 2.5 years with another law firm. Stavros was referred to us by one his friends. We kept Stavros in the loop and updated him on a regular basis. Eventually, after a number of conversations the Defendant accepted Stavros’ position and we successfully settled his claim with a very good result.

He has recently written to us with is gratitude

Actual Client Testimonial.

Going through a very stressful period in my life from an injury as a mechanic at work. Unable to work suffering not only severe constant pain but also becoming depressed affecting family home environment. AS work cover was a very slow process with little or no information. I had to do a lot of chasing upon my own to know about my case. Also having to deal with new case management was nightmare having practically having repeat process. I felt like a number no a person. Upon a conversation with a friend who's wife suffered a bad car accident was recommended by a friend to visit Henry Carus Associates. She too had stressed dealing with work cover. They could not express themselves how happy they were with Henry's lawyers. So we followed them up too. If only we went through them from day one. Henry sat us down looked at our case and said we have a good case. No win no Pay was also a bonus. It was amazing how things got done firstly we were stressed about leaving workcover not knowing to go about it . Henry took over everything for us. Amazing how things moved on. If we'd make a call put through immediately. If unable we're called later on the day or next. We never once have to chase them up. Dino was our case lawyer. Could not be happier. Professional, helpful, patient definitely treated like people not just a number or just another case. You know your case is dealt with. Trying to reach a great settlement for you. Which finally ended and happy with.

Henry we cannot thank you enough for your services. For caring and fighting for us. Your staff always pleasant on the phone. And a very special Thank You to Dino. So happy with your work ethics too. Determination is what you showed us with assurance.

We highly recommend Henry Carus Associates. A decision you will never regret.

God Bless you all

Amazing work

Amazing people

Forever grateful

Steve Andonopoulos

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