The Story about this TAC Claim

Stephanie was driving along Cape Otway Road when she slowed down to make a turn right into her farm entrance, she had her indicators on to signal her move. As she was crossing over to the other side of the road another vehicle, attempted to overtake and collided into the offside part of the Stephanie’s vehicle. Her vehicle was written off. She suffered multiple injuries that required several surgeries.

The TAC denied liability to some of her claimed injuries by reasons that they were pre-existing. We were able to have the decision set aside. Also, Stephanie is a stoic individual with a commendable employment history. At the time of the transport accident Stephanie was 65 years of age and was working approximately 60 hours per week and was planning to work until aged 75 years.

We settled Stephanie’s claim for future loss of earnings, pain and suffering and enjoyment of life for the injuries she suffered in the transport accident. Here is Stephanie story:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I was involved in a car accident four and a half years ago. After a year I realised that the injuries I sustained were not going away, so I contacted Henry Carus Lawyers.

I initially spoke to Henry and then, along the way I was put into the care of Ciltra Henderson.

Mine was a long and emotionally challenging case and there were many times when the fight with the TAC for support felt just too difficult. Ciltra was a tower of strength for me and helped me navigate my way through the many road blocks of my claim for compensation.

Ciltra never faltered and showed great tenacity and determination – whilst at the same time providing me with enormous personal support. She has a demonstrated huge compassion and skill, and whatever challenges were thrown at me Ciltra supported and guided me to our final outcome. I finally received a settlement from the TAC and it was the patience and resolve combined with their thorough knowledge of the processes procedures that Ciltra and Henry were able to assist me to finalise the matter. Thank you both.

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