The Story about this WorkCover Claim

Victoria has worked in the aged care sector for approximately 15 years and thoroughly enjoyed helping the residence. She was employed as a personal care assistant and before her incident worked with division 2 nurses on her shifts. She had a good work ethic and enjoyed working at the aged care centre.

Unfortunately, she was rostered with an employee (a male division 2 nurse) who has put her through some very distressing periods with unwanted advances and harassment. She advised co-workers of what was occurring, but sadly the employees were not trained in dealing with sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviours between staff. During a normal shift one night the sexual harassment required police intervention and left our client with a permanent severe psychiatric reaction.

She became totally incapacitated for work and has not returned to her usual social life. Due to financial difficulties she also had to sell her house and move.

Her case has been ongoing for a relatively lengthy period of time and this was partly due to the Defendants’ reluctance to accept full responsibility and accept fair value for her claim. Recently with up to date medical material and further documents the Defendant eventually conceded and accepted the value we recommended to Victoria.

She was very grateful for the result and is happy to share the below email with regard to her result:

Actual Client Testimonial.

Dear Dino,

Thank you so very much for your hard work, emotional support and professionalism.

I was so embarrassed the way I acted at mediation but I felt like I was at my breaking point. Yourself and Aine Magee QC treated me with the utmost kindness and looked after me. Even after mediation your kindness continued and you made sure I was ok. I am overwhelmed with the outcome and can’t believe you settled today. I can now start healing and move on and it is all because of you, Stella gold, Aine Magee and Henry Carrus. Brian especially wants to thank you Dino for what you have achieved and the way you kindly interacted and supported me. Thank you for allowing me to move on and get closure. I am sure to heal now and start a new life. I hope you all keep safe, you will all be in my prayers.

Very kindest of regards

Victoria Cooper.

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