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Want A Team Of Compensation Lawyers That Will Get You The Result You Want?

Henry Carus + Associates offers experienced, personalised service that only a small, dedicated firm can deliver

When the unthinkable happens and you’re faced with personal injury, it can be an incredibly tough time for you and everyone around you. Not only are you likely to be experiencing physical and emotional pain, you also have the stress of dealing with a compensation claim.

Needless to say, it’s important to find a law firm that you can trust – and more importantly, one that can get you the result you want.

We are designed to work with each of our clients as a unique person – someone that we have been entrusted to care for, protect and support.

That is the Henry Carus + Associates difference.

It’s about forming a personal connection

We believe the best way to achieve a great result for you is by taking the time to understand as much as we can about you.

Because the more we know about you, the more we can show how an injury will affect your life. We can then explore the areas of law that can be utilised to support you.

The way we view insurance is that it’s there to work in your favour whenever someone makes a mistake – at work, in a car, or in a public space. You see the insurance companies have come into existence to provide assistance to those who are going to make that mistake – as mistakes simply will happen. Once the mistake is made and someone is injured then we see it as our role to access the insurance money that is already there to assist you.

In order to do this we are driven by our firm’s three fundamental values: courage, determination and justice. In short, we never forget that we are dealing with a real person, not a file number. And we ask ourselves all the time “is that the very best we can achieve for our client” – as if that client was us or one of our personal family members.

Specialising In A Wide Variety Of Injury Claims In Victoria

The personal injury lawyers at Henry Carus + Associates are ready to put their experience to work on your behalf. Several of our lawyers have earned accreditation from the Law Institute of Victoria in recognition of their extensive knowledge of personal injury law.

Our unrivaled expertise in injury cases includes handling matters such as:

 An experienced team that’s committed to individual care and attention

At Henry Carus + Associates we operate in small, knowledgeable teams, with each client being assigned a solicitor and a support team. That means that there are always three people, who are available to address any issues or concerns. What’s more, all our clients receive the extra reassurance of having our senior principal, Henry Carus, active in all matters. Henry provides constant review, guidance and support in all aspects of the work, especially when the important discussions are had at a conference or mediation with insurance representatives. The overall work practices that our firm has created allows us to deliver an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to each client.

Plus we offer a 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction GuaranteeBecause of the confidence we have in our services, we are happy to offer all new clients a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. This basically means we are so confident you will be pleased with our services that, in the unlikely event you no longer want to continue working with us, there will be no financial obligations on your part whatsoever. No other firm offers such a Guarantee.