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You Deserve More

You Deserve More
Henry Carus + Associates

At Henry Carus + Associates, we believe that You Deserve More is more than a slogan, it is our way of life, our guiding principle of behaviour – our firm philosophy.

Our goal is to be of total service to you. We believe that to be of service is the highest calling we can have as individuals and collectively, as a firm.

Our Henry Carus has over his years of legal practice come to understand that the most effective way to achieve an excellent outcome for a client, is to CONNECT with the client. To come to understand each client’s needs from their own perspective – in other words to see the world through the eyes of each client.

Many times, that is achieved in simple conversation with a client, whether it be at their home, or at one of our offices, or it can even occur over the phone. During any of those conversations, a moment comes when we truly start to see, hear and connect with the client.

Once that connection is made, it allows our firm to become a client’s representative and advocate. We are not seeking to advocate for a WorkCover client or a TAC client, but instead for John, Mary or Julia. The more we understand who you are, what you need, when you need it, and what your overall concerns are, the more we can strive to achieve your needs.

We have created a firm wide understanding of this CONNECTION so that when a client speaks to anyone in the firm, they will feel that consistent support.

It is that connection that motivates us everyday to use our talents and the law to help a seriously injured client achieve excellent outcomes that will help to dramatically improve the quality of their life.

When we say excellent outcomes, we are not just focusing on the amount of compensation obtained, but on the way a client has been treated by our firm throughout the entire process of achieving that compensation.

In the end, we are looking to achieve a life-long CONNECTION to our clients. So, even after your matter has come to a final conclusion, you will always remain a part of our HCA family.