When you’re hurt in a road accident, we set out to win the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Whether you’ve been involved and/or injured as a vehicle driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or while at work, you should contact the team at Henry Carus + Associates right away, even before completing a claim form.

TAC legislation
One of the key differences in this kind of claim revolves around the role of the TAC legislation – allowing you access to common law and providing you with generous lump sum compensation for pain and suffering and loss of income.
Many road accidents occur while you are at work, and so the entitlements to compensation cover both the WorkCover law and the TAC law.
We are well experienced to provide you with lawyers able to cover both areas of law easily
We are well experienced to provide you with lawyers able to cover both areas of law easily, and deal with no-fault benefits for accepted claims, plus lump sum compensation at common law.
Starting a TAC Claim with our Lawyers
After contacting us we will quickly guide you on how to get all the WorkCover benefits you deserve and achieve an excellent common law compensation claim with the TAC.

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Why choose our TAC road accident claim lawyers to help you?

A TAC Document for Road InjuriesMany firms have focussed primarily on WorkCover claims or assign these types of claims to their WorkCover department and do not consider the role of TAC until much later on. We do not see such practice as being beneficial to our clients, so we focus on both aspects from the start.

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