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Whether you have been injured as a vehicle driver or passenger, a pedestrian, or a cyclist, or as someone severely psychiatrically affected by a tragic accident, you should contact the team at Henry Carus + Associates right away, even before completing a claim form. We have experienced TAC (Transport Accident Commission) lawyers that specialise in the field of motor vehicle accident claims. We will help you get the support and compensation that you need so you can begin leading a normal life again. Whether you have suffered a serious injury to your spine, shoulders, legs, brain, or a severe psychiatric injury, we will be there to help every step of the way.

When You Are Hurt In A Motor Vehicle Accident, We Set Out To Get You the Support and Compensation That Is Rightfully Yours.

Who can lodge a claim with the TAC?

Accidents That Occur in Victoria

A person may lodge a claim with the TAC for accidents that happen in Victoria if they are involved in an accident caused by a car, truck, bus, motorbike, train, or tram, and are injured or killed due to the accident. Pedestrians and bicyclists are also covered by the TAC if they are injured by a bus, motorbike, train, or car. If this applies to you speak with one of our expert TAC lawyers now.

Accidents That Occur Outside of Victoria

A person may lodge a claim with the TAC for accidents that occur on the interstate injuring or killing a Victorian resident in a Victorian registered vehicle. The TAC also covers those who are injured or killed as an occupant of a Victorian registered motor vehicle. If this applies to you, speak with our lawyers now.

What is the Role of the TAC?

The TAC is a government agency that was founded in 1987, and it has many different roles. The first role that the TAC plays is to be a government agency that provides support for anyone who is injured in a transport accident. The second role it plays is to be the insurer of any vehicle that is responsible for an accident. Finally, the TAC has a duty to provide support and education for the community and work to prevent traffic accident across Victoria.

Types of Road Accident Injuries

TAC Car Accidents
Car Accidents
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Car Accidents

TAC Truck Accidents
Truck Accidents
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Truck Accidents

TAC Motorbike Accidents
Motorbike Accidents
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Motorcycle Accidents

TAC Bicycle Accidents
Bicycle Accidents
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Bicycle Accidents

Commonly Asked Questions About TAC Claims

What do I do at the scene of my accident?

Many times, a person can himself or herself (or someone with them) take steps right at the accident scene to get the evidence they will later need for a compensation claim. The evidence can include

  • Get the name and contact details of all witnesses
  • Take photos of the accident scene from all angles
  • Take photos of the cars involved in the accident

This evidence is likely to be very effective if later on responsibility for the accident is disputed by TAC.

Many times a seriously injured person is in no condition to do any of these activities, and worst, the police attending a serious accident scene are likely to only speak to the other driver involved in an accident. Such a driver is not likely to give a version of the accident that supports the injured person.

It is in those situations that a family member or friend can be so valuable in doing the above steps for the injured person.

How do I lodge a TAC motor vehicle claim?

No matter how the accident has happened, you can make a claim to TAC by calling their number on 1300 654 329. TAC will take down your information and give you a claim number. A summary of the information you have provided will be sent out to you for your review. You should carefully confirm the information is accurate.

We recommend that you seek legal advice from the expert TAC lawyers at Henry Carus & Associates as early in the process as you can. Our lawyers will be able to guide you through the claims process and give you advice on the options you have.

Is there a time limit for when I can lodge my TAC claim?

The law states that you have to send in the claim form within one year of your accident, to be accepted. The law does give TAC the ability to accept a late claim form if there is a reasonable explanation.

However, any claim form has to be submitted within three years of the accident. A failure to get it in within three years will lead to a rejection of your claim, and such will be final.

What Benefits can I receive from the TAC?

The TAC legislation can be very generous to a person injured in a transport accident. The legislation provides a number of benefits on a no-fault basis, so it does not concern itself with who was responsible for the accident. The benefits available include

  • Medical and Related Benefits for life
  • Income support for up to 3 years and more if you are severely injured
  • A lump sum payment known as an impairment benefit if you suffer a permanent injury that is significant

There are a number of other benefits under the act which our experienced TAC lawyers will be able to advise and seek for you over time.

What Common Law Compensation can I receive from the TAC?

The TAC lawyers at Henry Carus & Associates will be there every step of the way as you pursue compensation from the TAC after you have been involved in an accident due to the fault of another party.

Through a TAC common law claim, you can seek compensation for your pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and your financial losses due to the injuries you suffered. The maximum amount of compensation you can receive in a TAC common law claim is $1,419,240.00.

How one evaluates the amount a person should receive depends a great deal on the overall consequences of the injuries on the quality of someone’s life. Time is many times essential to ascertain the overall consequences.

Our firm is not focused on speed, or on systems and protocols for fast-tracking your common law compensation claim. We are focused on you, your claim and how it impacts on your life and that of your family.

It is that FOCUS that helps us seek the maximum compensation for our clients.

What does the TAC not cover?

The TAC addresses the injury aspects of your accident and does not cover property damage to a motor vehicle. To receive compensation for damaged property in a motor vehicle accident in Victoria, you will need to deal with your own car insurance.

Does the TAC operate outside of Victoria?

The TAC does not generally operate outside of Victoria. However, there are accidents that occur outside of Victoria that are covered by the TAC for benefits if the vehicle you are in was registered in Victoria.

There are also a few other ways the TAC legislation can apply to an out of state accident, and best to consult with our team of lawyers should you need such advice.

In addition, any person injured in Victoria in a transport accident is covered, even if the person is a visitor to the state.

Where is the TAC located?

The TAC is located in Geelong, Victoria.

Who funds the TAC?

Everyone who registers a motor vehicle directly funds the TAC. As one registers a vehicle in Victoria, on the registration payment will be an amount for TAC insurance. The payments provide a common fund administered by TAC. All Victorians benefit by having the coverage provided by the legislation available to them whenever injured in a transport accident. As a community, we, as Victorians, are covering ourselves if we are involved in an accident through our TAC contributions.

You can be covered for injuries suffered in a transport accident, even if you have never registered a car.

In addition, as the TAC is in part an insurance company, it provides indemnity cover to owners and drivers whenever a person is injured even by the use of a motor vehicle, which is a wider level of coverage than a transport accident. How that can be of benefit to an injured person can be explained by one of our TAC lawyers.

Why choose our TAC road accident claim lawyers to help you?

Our firm has adopted a unique approach to those seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents.

Most firms seem focused on processes to move claims along quickly without much consideration of how the accident injuries truly affect the quality of someone’s life and thereby, the amount of compensation an injured person deserves.

Our firm does not engage in such processes that focus more on speed than an outcome.

We understand that a serious injury will have a life-changing impact on a person and his or her family, and you can only seek common law compensation ONCE. That one time has to be carefully considered and extensive efforts made to maximise the compensation paid to the injured person.

We believe our practice lead to greater levels of compensation to the injured person.

We say YOU DESERVE MORE, and we use that expression to drive ourselves to seek for an injured person the best possible outcome in any claim against the TAC.

How we Help With TAC Road Accident Claims

  • The TAC has an ongoing role to provide Medical and Related Expense support to any injured person for life in relation to the motor vehicle accident injuries. One of the key differences of our firm is that we take on the role for our clients of ensuring TAC meet those obligations, not only until we obtain compensation for the client, but for the rest of the client’s life. We continue to provide ongoing legal support for our clients way past any settlement of their common law claim, at no cost to our clients.
  • We provide the support for TAC benefits with a detailed understanding of how the legislation should operate to ensure they receive quality medical and related support.
  • We approach the process of obtaining compensation, damages, in a unique way to other firms in Victoria. We do not look to process a client with any speed, but instead allow the Necessary Time needed by a client to understand the full extent of injuries they have suffered, and the overall consequences of their injuries on the quality of their lives.
  • We understand that such injuries can influence personal, social, and recreational activities, intimate relationships and the ability to work in their chosen fields, in part or at all, and time is needed to allow the clients and TAC to accept the overall change in the quality of a client’s life.
  • We allow our clients to direct us as to when they feel their injuries have settled and compensation can be sought and more importantly, when their claim for compensation should be settled.
  • We understand the intricacies of road accidents, and how they can involve other areas of the law such as WorkCover issues, if the accident occurs when you are work, and public liability issues, should the accident arise due to the condition of a road.
  • In the end, we are seeking to maximise your level of support and compensation, under the simple rule that TAC is there to provide such to you as the injured person.

Why choose our TAC road accident claim lawyers to help you?

Many firms have focussed primarily on WorkCover claims or assign these types of claims to their WorkCover department and do not consider the role of TAC until much later on. We do not see such practice as being beneficial to our clients, so we focus on both aspects from the start.