What to Do After a Roundabout Accident

Roundabout Accidents in Melbourne, VIC

Roundabouts (also known as traffic circles and rotaries) are designed to regulate the speed of traffic and reduce vehicle accidents. Motorists are forced to slow down while entering and driving through a roundabout, and the […]

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The Human Cost of the Broken WorkCover System

Workers' Compensation System Challenges in VIC

“I’m trying to get better and I have to fight for treatment.” These words from an injured worker are spoken early in a recent report by ABC’s Four Corners on the workers’ compensation system in […]

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Were You Told You Don’t Have an Injury Claim?

Your Personal Injury Claim Status

It is often difficult to know where to turn after suffering a serious injury. The physical pain, limited mobility, emotional trauma, and other factors all combine into an overwhelming situation. Talking to a personal injury […]

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Who Is At Fault for Aquaplaning Accidents?

Aquaplaning/Hydroplaning Accidents in Melbourne

Residents of Melbourne and other areas of Victoria see their share of wet weather during the winter months. As temperatures drop and precipitation falls, drivers must be on the lookout for hazardous road conditions. Failure […]

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WorkCover Law vs. Employment Law

WorkCover Claims Versus Employment Law Matters

Henry Carus + Associates has unparalleled experience with the workers’ compensation system in Victoria. Our team has been assisting clients with WorkCover claims for over 30 years, and one of our senior solicitors was active […]

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