What Are the Disadvantages of Bariatric Surgery?

What Are the Risks of Bariatric Surgery? | Henry Carus and Associates

Bariatric surgery refers to several different procedures that can help patients lose weight. Although gastric bypass and other types of weight loss surgery can be effective for some patients who are obese or extremely obese, […]

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Can I Sue a Hospital for Negligence?

Are Hospitals Liable for Medical Negligence? | Henry Carus and Associates

Going to hospital is always stressful. Any hospital visit can result in enormous life changes, whether positive (such as the birth of a child) or negative (such as a serious injury or illness). We expect […]

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What Birth Injuries Cause Cerebral Palsy?

Birth Injuries That Cause Cerebral Palsy | Henry Carus and Associates

Few instances of medical negligence are more tragic than those affecting children. Unfortunately, doctors and other medical professionals can commit serious errors in the earliest moments of a child’s life, resulting in long-term and even […]

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What Medical Expenses Does TAC Cover?

TAC Medical and Like Services Benefits | Henry Carus and Associates

Of all of the financial burdens in the wake of a transport accident, the cost of medical care tends to make up a significant portion of the expenses faced by those injured. Although the Transport […]

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What Is an Obstetric Injury?

What Is a Maternal Obstetric Injury? | Henry Carus and Associates

Obstetrics is the medical specialty concerned with the health of mum and baby during the course of pregnancy and childbirth. Many doctors specialise in both obstetrics and gynaecology, practising as OBGYNs (obstetricians/gynaecologists). Many medical negligence […]

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