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Either by way of injury, or because of ill health, not being able to work – and thereby losing your income – can have a devastating impact on you and the people around you.

That’s why, when you’re faced with this scenario, it’s important that you get all the benefits you’re entitled to.

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Such benefits can be available to many under:

  • An income protection policy obtained by the person directly or by an employer as a group policy.
  • An income protection policy obtained as part of a Superannuation Fund.

Due to the complexity of these policies, it is often difficult for unemployed workers to know exactly what cover they have and how they can get the maximum benefits they deserve from all available sources.

If you are unable to work due to an injury or illness, you should get help from the experienced insurance lawyers at Henry Carus + Associates.


We are prepared to fully review your situation and determine what forms of income protection cover you have. We can then help you lodge proper claims for the full payments you deserve.


We handle insurance claim cases on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means you face no financial risk by working with us. In fact, it doesn’t cost you anything to discuss your situation with us. Contact Henry Carus + Associates now for a free, no-risk consultation.

Get The Best Insurance Claim Advice.

Our unrivalled experience in insurance claims will ensure you’re always in safe hands. In particular you’ll benefit from our intimate knowledge of how insurance companies operate and how we can use them to get the result you want.

Our results driven approach includes these key steps:


We’ll start by reviewing the specific insurance policy, before confirming the basis for entitlement to the benefit.


We’ll then look at relevant medical evidence to determine whether the person should be entitled to get the benefit. Of course, if someone in receipt of benefits is wrongly denied further benefit, we act quickly and litigate if needed to get the benefit restored.


We will then make an application for the benefit.


If denied, we will litigate the matter to a successful outcome.

Using these key steps allows us to create a solid foundation from which we can launch a compensation case, while giving us the best possible chance of achieving a successful outcome.

About Income Protection Insurance

Whether it is through a superannuation fund or a separate policy, many workers are covered by income protection insurance that is designed to provide benefits in the event they are unable to work due to an injury or illness. Sometimes this cover is provided by an employer, a union, a private policy or a super.

Because there are so many varieties of income protection insurance, there are many different requirements and procedures for claiming benefits when someone becomes unable to work because they are disabled by sickness or an injury. One thing that is common across all forms of income protection: the path to securing benefits is confusing, difficult and riddled with potential delays.

How can you avoid problems and speed up the process? Get help from someone who understands the system and knows how insurance schemes operate. At Henry Carus + Associates, our lawyers deal with insurance policies and superannuation funds every day in our practice. We know what to look for and how to prepare a claim so that it has the best chance for approval. If a claim is unreasonably denied, we are not afraid to take the claim to litigation in order to achieve a successful outcome as quickly as possible. Most forms of income protection will provide payments that equal 75 percent of what you earned before you got sick or injured. These payments may be made in addition to compensation you receive from WorkCover or other sources, though offsets may apply.

Because we understand what a difference income protection payments can make for your household finances, the legal team at Henry Carus + Associates works hard to maximise the amount you receive from every available source.

Roadblocks To Income Protection Benefits

Why can it be so difficult to receive what you deserve from income protection schemes? Many of the obstacles arise from the fact that insurance companies don’t want to pay out unless they have to. Fortunately, the insurance business is a heavily regulated industry. However, it often takes someone who understands the regulations to make them work on behalf of claimants rather than insurers.


At Henry Carus + Associates, we are very familiar with the laws and regulations that govern insurance cover. We also know how insurance companies function.

That knowledge and experience give us an inside edge when seeking income protection benefits for our clients. If there’s no win, there’s no fee to pay.


At Henry Carus + Associates, we believe you deserve more and we won’t stop until we’ve won. The results of our dedication and hard work are easy to see in the outcomes of our clients’ cases. More than 98% of our clients have found success on their claims.


Our firm handles income protection insurance claims on a No Win, No Fee basis. That means you owe us nothing for our legal services unless we recover compensation on your behalf. Our consultations are completely free and totally confidential.

Our first goal is to make sure we win your compensation case for you.