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From road accidents and work-related injuries, through to falls in public spaces and poor medical treatment, there are many instances where compensation claims come in to play – and at Henry Carus + Associates we deal with them all.

We understand that the compensation process can be a stressful one for everyone concerned, so we focus on being an advocate for each one of our clients, ensuring we get the best result in accordance with current claims laws.

Our compensation lawyers aim to achieve this by:


Helping you understand the law so you can get a better grasp of your entitlements.


Giving you the most up to date information on the steps that can be taken, what the likely outcome will be and the expected legal costs.


Providing you with all available options so you’re well informed and empowered to believe that together we have the best chance of achieving an excellent outcome.

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We won’t stop until we’ve won with 98% of our clients winning their cases and receiving up to five times their initial offer.

We see every case as important so, where possible, we give you direct access to our highly regarded senior specialist compensation lawyers.

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With unique experience across a huge range of compensation cases including road accidents, WorkCover accidents, public accidents, personal injuries, balcony collapse injuries, slips and falls, medical negligence, birth injuries, superannuation, insurance and defective products.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Crashes that cause serious injuries are a common occurrence on Victorian roads, despite efforts to reduce careless driving and improvements to vehicles’ safety features. Victims of motor vehicle accidents are often entitled to a variety of forms of compensation from the TAC. However, it is often necessary to get legal help to ensure that a victim makes a maximum financial recovery.

Motorbike Accidents

Accidents involving motorbikes are often quite different from those that involve passenger cars, utes or heavy trucks. Firstly, motorbikes are often less visible than other vehicles, making them more vulnerable to accidents caused by inattentive drivers. The injuries motorcyclists suffer are frequently much more severe due to the lack of protection provided by motorcycles.

Truck Accidents

Accidents involving a heavy truck are often much more severe than those that involve only light passenger vehicles. That’s because a HGV is far more massive and can cause significantly more damage in a collision. Truck accidents may also involve different types of evidence, such as the data recorded on the HGV’s tachograph at the time of impact.

Bicycle Accidents

For health and environmental reasons, as well as convenience, more and more Victorians are riding bicycles as a form of transport. Unfortunately, the increased number of cyclists also means more severe injuries when motor vehicles and bicycles collide. Motorists who fail to share the road and keep a proper lookout for cyclists are not the only hazards. Defects in the design and maintenance of roads are also a major factor in many bicycle accidents, and the road authority or its contractors may be held responsible in such situations.

WorkCover Accidents

People who get hurt at work deserve compensation for their injuries. Unfortunately, problems often arise when claiming WorkCover benefits. Disputes may include a denied claim, terminated benefits, denial of serious injury certificates and other problems. At Henry Carus + Associates, we have a deep understanding of the intricacies of Victorian WorkCover law. In fact, members of our team have been involved in legislation reviews over the years.

Public Accidents

Henry Carus + Associates has more than three decades of legal experience with public accidents. We understand how these claims work because we have acted for a number of Australian and US insurance companies (both commercial and domestic) and government agencies. We now use that experience to help injured people get the compensation they are entitled to.

Slips & Falls

Injuries caused by slips, trips and falls in public places are common in Victoria. Compensation claims for injuries suffered in these types of accidents are considered public liability claims. Our compensation law firm leaves no stone unturned in investigating falls, seeking evidence about what caused the accident, if it was reported, and if there were any witnesses.

Boat Accidents

Boating is a popular form of recreation on Victorian waters. Sometimes a pleasant day on the water can turn into tragedy when a boat accident occurs. Considered a form of public liability, compensation may be available for victims of boat accidents. Our Melbourne compensation lawyers move quickly to investigate boat accidents to determine if actionable negligence played a role.

Medical Negligence Claims

Patients expect their health to improve when they seek medical treatment. In some cases, the opposite happens due to the negligence of health providers such as doctors, hospitals and specialists. Medical negligence cases are among the most complex compensation claims due to the need for expert medical evidence. Our firm works diligently to identify and document errors and secure experts to review medical evidence.

Birth Injury Claims

Compensation claims over injuries suffered by a baby during the birth process are complex, stressful and sensitive. They are also among the most vigorously contested due to the high stakes stemming from the potential for large damages to pay for the long term care that an injured child may need.

Defective Product Claims

We all use a wide variety of consumer products in our everyday lives, and we don’t expect to suffer serious injuries from using them. Unfortunately, some products contain defects that make them hazardous. Companies take defective product claims very seriously and often mount a strong defense. That makes it critical to work with a legal team that has an experienced compensation lawyer with the skill and tenacity to follow through on behalf of an injured victim.

Superannuation Claims

People in Victoria who become unable to work due to a disability caused by an accident or illness are entitled to assistance from the Superannuation Fund. Access to this form of compensation turns on whether you meet the definition of “total and permanent disability.” The Melbourne compensation lawyers at Henry Carus + Associates understands insurance law and the TPD insurance company’s obligation to handle claims in good faith. We can help you get the benefits you deserve.