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if you were just involved in a car accident in Victoria, there’s a possibility many others were involved – either as a driver, a passenger or a pedestrian. Having experienced car accident lawyers on your side will ensure you get the compensation you deserve.
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You might have been taken to the hospital and, with that step, a TAC claim form is usually submitted to the TAC (Transport Accident Commission), mainly because the hospital wishes to be paid for its service.
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What does not occur is a comprehensive education for you so that you can understand the role of the TAC, and how in fact the TAC is their own government insurance company responsible for providing a vast array of benefits for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, the situation is more difficult for a person like you to understand if you don’t go to a hospital and are unsure of whether to even submit a TAC claim form. That’s when experienced legal assistance is needed to help ensure an injured victim recovers the full compensation they are entitled to receive.

Henry Carus - Car Accident Lawyer
Our firm’s principal, Henry Carus, provided legal advice to the TAC over a number of years when the TAC was still coming to understand the legislation. He was trained to appreciate what the TAC can do for an injured person  and has our firm seek such support for each client.
In addition to these no-fault type benefits, the TAC also has a role to play to provide common law compensation, which is given in a lump sum and can be very generous.

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We use our experience to achieve excellent outcomes for those injured by a motor vehicle – both to support their entitlement to the no-fault benefits and to obtain as much common law compensation as possible.

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Receive the TAC compensation you deserve

No fault benefits available from the TAC for a Victorian motor vehicle accident could include the following:

TAC Compensation Benefits
  • Lump-sum benefits if your accident-related injuries caused permanent impairment.
  • Replacement of lost earnings caused by the inability to work while recovering from your injuries.
  • Payment of reasonable medical expenses to treat injuries suffered in the accident.
  • Payment of reasonable rehabilitation costs related to the injuries from the accident.
  • Payment for in-home assistance made necessary by your injuries.

If you suffered injuries that are considered “serious” under the law and the car accident was at least partially due to the fault of someone else, you may be entitled to lodge a common law damages claim with the TAC. The compensation available through a common law claim is often much broader than what is available through a no fault claim.

Examples of TAC compensation that could be paid in a lump sum common law claim include:

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Replacement of lost or reduced earnings, both past and future.
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Compensation for the pain and suffering you endured as a result of the accident.
Factors that could affect the amount of money you receive include your age, the seriousness of your injuries, the amount of your lost earnings and what you stand to lose in the future due to your injuries. One of the main aims of a common law claim is to provide compensation for the difference between your anticipated earnings before you were injured in the accident and the reduced opportunities you are left with due to your injuries.

Other types of Melbourne car accident claims we cover

When it comes to claims involving cars, many times the accident will not fall immediately into the TAC no fault benefit world. And yet there is still common law compensation to be had from the TAC or others for those injured when the injury occurs:

  • By the use of a motor vehicle, as opposed to the driving of a motor vehicle.
  • In a car accident of any type in the scope of their work duties.
  • In a car accident where the fault lies in the way the road has been constructed or maintained.

Why choose Henry Carus + Associates as your TAC claims lawyers?

The above scenarios are all complicated aspects of the law and require a deep understanding of the interplay between the TAC legislation and Public Liability law concepts and the WorkCover legislation.

And that’s where Henry Carus + Associates can help.

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Our team’s experience and the ability of our small firm to be across the intricacies of all the areas of the law involved, means our practitioners are well placed to get our clients the results they are looking for.

Melbourne, VIC pictureThis makes us very different from other larger, less personally oriented law firms that only see you as a number. Typically what goes on with these law firms is you’ll  be transferred from one practice group to another just to manage the complicated matters and without a complete understanding of all the legislation involved and, more importantly, no real relationship with you. We see you differently. We see you as a person trying to recover financially so you can go on with your life. This is why we’re different.

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What makes our car accident lawyers different?

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Many firms do not understand or have difficulty accepting that the TAC is constantly creating policies to limit its obligations to provide no-fault benefits.
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They also fail to understand that the TAC essentially operates as an insurance company when defending common law claims. In that second role, the TAC is there to defend the person who has seriously injured you and is not there to assist you in getting compensation.

Based on our experience with the TAC as a client, we are fully aware of how the TAC thinks and simply prepare to contest its policies as needed and to prove our client’s common law claim in anticipation of TAC’s defensive actions. In other words, unlike many transport accident law firms who get upset by the TAC’s stance, we instead simply spend all the time preparing for the contest to win.

And that’s where we’re different.

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With many years of experience working with the TAC, we understand what’s required to get the result we want. Evidence of this is in a recent case where a woman was knocked down by an un-identified car. The TAC at first provided her with TAC no fault benefits, gave her a serious injury certificate and then said no more. Yet, when we sought for her common law compensation, the TAC took the view that there was no car involved in her accident, even though that was totally inconsistent with everything they had said and done before. They did so because at that time they were acting as the commercial insurer, seeking to stop her TAC claim for common law compensation.
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We simply responded with supportive evidence on the day of the hearing that led the TAC to eventually accept a car was involved, and the TAC went from an offer of $0 to one of $200,000 plus payment of legal costs.

It was a massive win and one that is consistent with our firm’s reputation. Contact us today to find out how we can put our experienced accident lawyers to work for your benefit.

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