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Success Stories and Henry Carus + Associates

Nobody loves a lawyer until they need one. Our firm takes pride in the quality of service and care we provide to our clients and it is through our work that we are able to uphold our message – YOU DESERVE MORE but hey, don’t take our word for it.

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Facebook ReviewerJason Sleep

I highly recommend HCA if you have a personal injury as henry has a wealth of knowledge in this area, is a straight shooter and has helped me and my family out immensely. Not only do I reccomend him as a lawyer I class him as a friend.

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Google ReviewerGary Hosking (TAC Claim)

I was involved in a hit and run at work. I sustained multiple injuries and to be honest my life has never been the same as my injuries are permanent unfortunately. I was in a dark place feeling lost and depressed, no where to turn until a friend said why don't you give Henry Carus a call and so i did! after my first meeting with Henry Carus and Darren Thomas i left feeling like there was some hope not all doom and gloom. Darren kept in touch regularly and he kept me up to date with my claim. We recently settled my claim with great results they fought intensively to settle my claim. Henry Carus&Associates and Darren Thomas worked above and beyond, They are real professionals and simple the best. Highly recommended Henry Carus & Associates.

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Facebook ReviewerJenna Rose

Henry Carus and associates are an amazing firm that helped me get the best result possible even though it was a difficult case. It was an easy no fuss process which was what I needed to ease my accident recovery. I recommend Henry to anyone seeking a top result in their case. Thank you Henry and associates.

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Google ReviewerMartin Briffa

Engaging with Henry Carus and Associates for my personal claim injury proved to be a satisfying experience yielding a favourable outcome. I found them to be both very professional, open and honest throughout the whole process and definitely hard working. Thank you Dino. I would definitely recommending engaging with Henry Carus and Associates.

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Google ReviewerBrett Stringer (TAC Claim)

I was very nervous about my compensation claim and even making one in the first place. I did quite a bit of research and decided to set up some meetings with a few of the high profile players, as well as HCA. I met with Dino at HCA first, and needless to say, cancelled all other firms' appointments. The care, sensitivity and expertise with which Henry, Dino and the team at HCA handled my case was outstanding. I could not have asked for more professionalism and service. They did it all. I was so impressed with how everything came to a conclusion and their well balanced advice, plus Henry's personal involvement in my claim showed me I was far more than just a number. Thanks guys. My family owes you one!!

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Google ReviewerPhilip Craig (WorkCover Claim)

I first met Henry Carus in 2015 after a serious back injury sustained at work in December 2014. Henry struck me as passionate about people with personal injuries and obtaining the best possible outcome for them. He has an infectious personality and I felt he cared and believed me right from the start. Henry explained to me that he thought I had a good case and what the plan would be going forward in a clear concise manner that was easy to understand. With Ryan Moran at his side, who shares the same ethos and work ethic, they were both able to work through the many problems that arose and deliver a great result without going to court. With much gratitude,
Philip Craig

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Facebook ReviewerJoshua G. (WorkCover Claim)

Henry Carus and his team were incredible to get a result. They care about you as a person and striving to get the best outcome they can for you and are always there for help when you need them. They helped me out in a large way and eased the workcover legal stress.
I would recommend them to anyone that is in need of workcover or TAC claims.

Posted on Facebook
Google ReviewerMargaret H. (WorkCover Claim)

I can highly recommend Henry and his team, especially Ryan who has worked and continues to advocate tirelessly for my case! Finding someone to represent you fairly and honestly can be both difficult and overwhelming; if you have been injured and need help do yourself a favour and don’t hesitate to contact this wonderful firm. You will be treated as a person and not a dollar figure and you can rest assured that you are in good hands!!

Posted on Google
Yelp ReviewerBernadette C. (Public Liability Claim)

After 6yrs fighting for personal injury first 3yrs were with a large law firm in Melbourne. Posted me a letter saying they could not help. Went looking for a smaller firm found henry on line. He and his staff especially jesica were wonderful helpfull. Finally closed case after winning me a settlement. Would recommend to anyone how does not want to deal with large law firms.

Posted on Yelp
Yelp ReviewerLynda A.

My personal injury attorney from Henry Carus & Associates was really incredible. She found a great strategy for me to use, coached me through every part of the process and worked hard to get me a huge settlement. Though I hope I never have to go through the Melbourne court again, I'll definitely call them if I do.

Posted on Yelp

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Client Success Stories

Michael Hiom

(TAC Claim)

Mick and Anne Hiom reside in the UK and whilst on a motorcycle holiday in Australia, riding from Sydney to Perth were involved in a serious collision on the Great Ocean Road. A truck turned right immediately in front of them causing them to T Bone the vehicle. The driver was subsequently prosecuted for dangerous driving and had apparently not seen them as he had been on the…

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Matthew Cossens

(TAC Claim)

Matt was injured while riding his bicycle, and a car failed to give way. Matt did not consult lawyers immediately but received treatment and tried to get back to his pre-injury life, in particular his many sporting activities.

After years of rehab and setbacks he realised his injuries were serious and he had to give up some of the activities he loved.

Matt came to us 5 years after his accident…

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Garry Hosking

(WorkCover Claim)

After having previously suffering a serious motor-vehicle accident in 2010, Garry was starting to get his life together. He had just obtained full time employment for the first time in years, and was enjoying life with friends and family once again.

Sadly, Garry was involved in another motor-vehicle accident in October 2018. Whilst waiting to perform a delivery, a stolen vehicle rear ended the back of his Ute,…

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Tania Peters

(TAC Claim)

Tania was travelling alone along the S. Gippsland Highway, stationary with her right indicator on, when she was hit at approximately 100 km per hour by a Nissan Patrol utility vehicle.

She cannot recall the accident but was told she was air lifted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where they treated her injuries including a traumatic brain injury.

She was advised that she should learn to live with her injuries. It…

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Maria sought our assistance after suffering a nasty shoulder injury when she fell in the carpark of a major Melbourne Shopping Centre.

Our Henry Carus visited her at her home and was told of how she tripped and fell over a concealed rise in the carpark as she was walking back to her car.

Mr. Carus then immediately went to the accident site and on inspection, it was clear how Maria…

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Vera came to our office distressed, not as someone who had been injured, but as someone who needed defending from a personal injury claim.

She had been sued by her godgranddaughter who suffered injury at her apartment.

On the day of the incident, Vera’s godgranddaughter visited Vera’s apartment. Her mother had brought her there, along with her brother.

The two children were playing in Vera’s courtyard, while their mother was chatting inside…

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Carol Martin

(TAC Claim)

Carol came to us when she had reached a critical turning point in her claim. She has engaged another lawyer but found that she was doing most of the work to look after herself; she was not feel taken care of.

Carol met with one of our legal staff and immediately felt a sense of support. It was a simple decision for her to transfer her file and ask that…

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Adam contacted our office seeking advice on behalf of his father Chris who was 66 years old at the time. Chris had participated in a clinical trial for a chemotherapy drug as an option for treatment of his cancer, after it was recommended to him by his doctor. Unfortunately this drug had devastating consequences for Chris, leaving him a quadriplegic and significantly reducing his life expectancy to approximately 1…

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Karina Kane

(WorkCover Claim)

Karina was employed as an activities coordinator.  Her employer thought because she was young, fit and healthy they could ask her to do a task outside of her normal job description without training or sufficient instructions. Unfortunately whilst doing this task Katrina suffered an injury. Her injury was caused by her employer not instructing her properly on what they considered to be an easy job. We felt the employer…

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Peter Cole

(WorkCover Claim)

Peter had been a truck driver for many years when he injured his back whilst working. As a result of his injury Peter suffered great pain and had to undergo surgery. Although the surgery significantly reduced Peter’s pain and allowed him to return to work, he continued to suffer pain. We assisted Peter throughout the claim process and achieved a settlement to compensate him for his pain and suffering.

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