More than 30 years’ experience representing clients’ public liability claims.

Public Liability Claim Injury iconWhat seems like a normal day can change course dramatically when an accident happens. Virtually anywhere you go in your daily life can become an accident scene, particularly when those responsible for maintaining safe conditions fall short of their duty.

If you have been hurt in an accident through no fault of your own in a public space – and it didn’t involve a motor vehicle or a workplace incident – you may be entitled to claim compensation for your losses through a public liability claim. The lawyers at the Melbourne law firm Henry Carus + Associates have the expertise and the commitment necessary to secure the money you need and deserve for your accident in a public space.

With over 30 years of experience working on public accident cases, we have in the past represented numerous insurance companies (both commercial and domestic) and government agencies in Australia and the US. This experience has given us unique knowledge and insight from which to build your case.

Henry Carus - Public Liability LawyerLed by experienced litigator Henry Carus, the team understands what it means to take a matter to court, and  knows the matters that have the best chance of achieving a positive outcome before a jury.

To put things in perspective, we took on a public accident case that was about to be settled for $40,000. Believing this not to be an adequate compensation amount, we worked hard on the case for a year and secured our client a massive $400,000 in compensation.

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How public injury claims work

Our public liability service tends to be delivered over time, as we often have to wait to see whether injuries will be permanent or temporary.
nod-grey public liability claims icon 2 Once the injuries are stable, we send the person off to a doctor who will complete an AMA Assessment and provide us with a Wrongs’ Act Certificate. This Certificate confirms that a person has suffered an injury of greater than 5% “Whole Person Impairment”.
nod-white z-icon2 We immediately investigate the circumstances of the accident, usually including a visit to the accident site with the client to take photos of the site before any changes are made to the area.
nod-grey z-icon3 We take a careful and detailed statement from the client and from all witnesses as soon as we can in a bid to increase the chance of recall accuracy.
nod-whitepublic accident solicitors We get copies of all contemporaneous medical, ambulance, hospital and GP records in order to establish the extent of our client’s injuries.
nod-grey z-icon5 We put the public liability claim to the persons responsible, and move forcefully to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why choose Henry Carus + Associates For Your Public Liability Claims?

98% client success icon

Our results speak for themselves

98% of our clients win their cases, with some getting up to five times their initial offer.

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Our approach is a little different

As a small firm dedicated to each client, we see every case as important. So our public liability lawyers, Henry Carus and Wendy Kleyn, are involved in every matter in the firm.


Our experience is second to none

Over the years we’ve helped win compensation cases in a diverse range of areas including public accidents, including slips trips and falls, defective premises, sports injuries, inappropriate conduct by security guards, defective restaurant equipment and more.

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Who’s Responsible for Your Injury?

 Individuals, companies, government agencies and others who own or control public spaces like shopping centres, parks and schoolyards may be held responsible for accidents that result from their negligence, or failure to maintain reasonably safe conditions.

Parties such as pet owners, sports and entertainment organisers, construction companies, transit organisations, and tour operators may also be responsible for injuries caused in an accident related to an activity rather than the physical condition of property.

Most of the time, it is the responsible party’s insurer that actually pays the claim.

What types of accidents can give rise to a public liability claim? Here are few examples:

These are just a sample of the virtually endless scenarios that could result in a compensable public liability claim.

What Type of Compensation Could You Recover?

A successful public liability claim could provide money to pay for your losses such as:

To find out how you can maximise the benefits you receive after a public accident in Victoria, contact Henry Carus + Associates for a free claim review and confidential consultation with one of our public liability lawyers. We are ready to discuss your situation and your legal options. We operate on a No Win, No Fee basis, meaning you owe us nothing for our legal services unless we recover compensation for you.

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