Henry Carus + Associates Sponsorships

Henry Carus + Associates’ mantra of “You Deserve More” is at the heart of our brand and it defines and guides us to do what is right. Because of this we choose to partner with and support a number of organisations who strive to make positive change in Australia.

Here is a list of the organisations we sponsor and how we help them:

Road Trauma Support Services – Shine a Light on Road Safety

Henry Carus + Associates is proud to be a partnered with Road Trauma Support Services of Victoria in supporting their Shine A Light On Road Safety campaign. This partnership is representative of each of our commitments to the safety of Victorian people. Sharing the same vision has allowed Henry Carus + Associates and Road Trauma Support Services of Victoria to collaborate in an effort to spread awareness of the dangers we face every day on our roads and the consequences these accidents have long term on an injured person and their family.

Shine a Light on Road Safety

Foodbank Victoria

Henry Carus + Associates recently donated $1,000 to Foodbank Victoria. In addition to serving more than 140,000 vulnerable and needy Victorians every month, the organisation has been a pillar of support in the wake of devastating bushfires and the threat of coronavirus (COVID-19). We are proud to support the work Foodbank Victoria does to meet the essential needs in our community.

Food Bank Victoria

If you are involved in an organization that is making a positive change in the community and seeking sponsorship, please feel free to get in touch.