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HC+A celebrates the official launch of Waterlines sculpture, curated by our own Alex McCulloch

Earlier this year, a sculpture called Waterlines saw its official launch at Kirrip Park. Our own Alex McCulloch, who was an art dealer prior to studying law, was the Curator and Project Manager for Waterlines, which was developed in collaboration with Wonderment Walk Victoria and local artist Ian Strange.

The official launch of the artwork represents the culmination of a labour of love that took many years to realise. Waterlines explores the long and complex history of flooding and water management that has shaped the Fishermans Bend precinct and sparks an important 

conversation on the threat posed by a rising water table. 

We always appreciate the unique experiences and perspectives our team members bring to the practise of law and enjoy supporting and highlighting their personal accomplishments.

Next time you’re in the area pop by, or click here to view more photos on our Facebook page.