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Why Choose an LIV Accredited Specialist?

Hiring an LIV Accredited Specialist Lawyer | Henry Carus and Associates

The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) is the legal association for lawyers in VIC. Members of the LIV (including lawyers and other legal professionals) have access to a wide range of educational and continuing professional development programs to enhance the quality of legal service and qualifications of legal practitioners in the state.

One of these programs, Accredited Specialisation, provides lawyers in Victoria with the opportunity to develop their legal skills and attain recognition as an expert in one or more specialty areas of law. Ultimately, LIV Accredited Specialisation is a way to signify excellence and expertise to clients and to fellow lawyers alike.

Henry Carus first achieved specialist accreditation from the LIV in 1996. He has maintained his status as an LIV Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law in Melbourne throughout the last 25 years.

What Are the Requirements for LIV Accredited Specialisation?

Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialist | Henry Carus and AssociatesThe LIV sets high standards for lawyers to achieve Accredited Specialisation. Lawyers must do the following to achieve this distinction:

  • Have a current Practising Certificate in Victoria
  • Practise law for a minimum of 5 years
  • Practise law in the area of specialisation for a minimum of 3 years
  • Obtain a “high degree of professional development in their area of specialisation”
  • Pass a comprehensive legal examination

Applying for Accredited Specialisation is a process of peer review. Examinations are developed by senior legal practitioners (including members of the Law Institute of Victoria and the Victorian Bar), and applications for Accredited Specialisation are reviewed to ensure each applicant exemplifies both ethical and professional conduct as well as advanced knowledge and skills in the area of specialty.

Once their Accredited Specialisation is confirmed, lawyers must maintain their specialist status by:

  • Committing at least 25 percent of their legal practice to cases in their area of specialisation
  • Completing a minimum of 12 hours of continuing professional development every year
    • 8 hours in the lawyer’s area of specialisation
    • 4 hours in other areas, potentially including annual compulsory units on ethics, professional skills, practice management, substantive law, etc.

The LIV does not confer lifetime Accredited Specialisation. Specialist lawyers are required to reapply for accreditation every three years.

What Are the Areas of Specialisation?

The LIV recognises specialisation in 16 areas of legal practice. The area of most interest to our clients, Personal Injury Law, is dedicated to representing individuals who have been harmed through no fault of their own.

In Victoria, personal injury claims broadly fall into three categories:

  • Road accidents – benefits and compensation are administered through the Transport Accident Commission
  • Workplace accidents – WorkCover benefits are administered through WorkSafe Victoria
  • Other personal injury claims may involve filing a lawsuit against the liable party or parties

Statewide there are only 105 LIV Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury Law. Henry Carus is part of a small, elite group of these specialists here in Melbourne.

Benefits of Hiring an LIV Accredited Specialist

Knowledge and experience can make all the difference in the successful resolution of legal matters. Clients deserve to know that the lawyer they select has the skills and background to represent them effectively.

In personal injury claims, the compensation your lawyer recovers on your behalf can make an enormous difference in your ability to pay bills related to your losses and overcome other hardships presented by a serious injury. You do not want to lose the opportunity to get the compensation you deserve.

LIV Accredited Specialisation is a mark of excellence. Becoming an Accredited Specialist demonstrates a lawyer’s dedication to going above and beyond to become an expert in a specialised area of law.

Ultimately, this expertise benefits clients. Specialised lawyers know the substantive and procedural laws that apply to the claims they bring on behalf of clients. They understand how to gather evidence and build a compelling case. As a result, they are often able not only to win more cases but to achieve superior outcomes that fully compensate clients for their damages.

No two claims are exactly alike, and hiring a lawyer who succeeded in a matter similar to yours is no guarantee that you will enjoy the same result. However, if your injuries are serious and someone else is at fault, it is in your best interest to contact an LIV Accredited Specialist as soon as possible.

Why Choose Henry Carus + Associates

Henry Carus has been a leader in Victorian personal injury law for more than 25 years. He has handled a wide range of claims on behalf of those who have been injured in road accidents, at work, and in other circumstances involving negligence.

In addition to his extensive experience with TAC, WorkCover, and common law claims, Henry avidly pursues educational and continuing professional development opportunities. He is an LIV Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, and uses his specialised training and skills to pursue the best outcome on each client’s behalf.

Our founder and principal is supported by a capable and compassionate team of lawyers and staff. Together, we provide clients with peerless legal service and an unmatched success rate – we win 98 percent of our cases.

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