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Despite a Recall, Samsung Washers and Dryers Are Still Catching Fire in Homes

You probably have seen a lot of media coverage about the millions of recalled air bags that can explode unexpectedly, but there is another recall that has received much less attention related to washing machines. Samsung issued a recall back in 2013 for a problem with certain units that can catch fire from a water leaking on the electrical element. Despite their efforts, fires are still happening.

Nearly 150,000 affected machines were sold throughout Australia, but only 83,689 have been successfully recalled. Tens of thousands of machines are still out there posing a fire danger to families. The problem has reached the point where emergency officials are asking homeowners what the brand of their washing machine is when responding to house fires. 179 incidents have been reported since the start of the recall, though this may be underreported since officials normally don’t ask for the brand name of an appliance that caused a fire.

Samsung, for their part, has been taking the right steps. They’ve taken out newspaper advertisements, issued media releases, mailed letters, and contacted partner retailers. Nevertheless, some customers aren’t getting the message.

If you believe that a faulty appliance cause a house fire or other injury to you and your family, you need to seek compensation. Henry Carus + Associates can help you discover whether a recall is in effect and whether you may be eligible for compensation. In this particular instance, people have received temporary aid from Samsung after losing their homes to fire. If you feel you are due, call today.