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Swerving Driver on Freeway Caught Drink Driving

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It is a shame that people continue to drink drive despite all of the effort that has gone into education and enforcement. Drink driving puts people at a severe risk of injury and death. Alcohol impairs many of the functions needed to drive safely and it doesn’t take much to be over the legal limit.

A woman from Narre Warren was caught drink driving on the Monash Freeway recently. Police were able to stop her vehicle near the Warrigal Road overpass. Witnesses to the incident say that the driver was swerving wildly all over the freeway.

A 12-year-old child was with the woman. After a breath test both of them were taken to the police station. A blood alcohol test there showed that her BAC was 0.323 percent. This is many times over the legal limit!

It is very fortunate that no one was hurt in this incident, but it’s an example of just how dangerous drink driving can be and how it could hurt others. If there had been an accident who knows what damage may have happened.

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