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Top Aussie Law Blogs

best blogs in Australia

For each area of law, there is a vast array of information to know, legislation to be familiar with, and case law to follow. Law blogs can be a useful medium to keep abreast of all the relevant information out there and provide an insight into the network of professionals in that area of expertise. Whether you are interested in criminal law, intellectual property law, tax law, administrative law, civil law, commercial law, insolvency law or something else, there is likely to be a law blog that tackles the questions you want answered.

Far from being simply for lawyers, law blogs are an informative medium for the ordinary person. Almost any person in their time is likely to encounter a legal issue that affects them, and to want to find out more about the area of law they are affected by – from buying a home, to tax questions, to basic criminal law advice. Law blogs can provide an introduction or overview that may answer some of their questions or inspire them as to what to ask their own solicitor.

Below is a list of some of the top Aussie law blogs to take a look at.

The Black Letter

This blog keeps abreast of the topical issues in any legal category – be it commercial, criminal, or even labour laws. Its broad scope and coverage of topics relevant to society makes this one a great blog to follow even if you’re not in thea legal profession. After all, who doesn’t want to know whether strip clubs and brothels are under the same laws, what the impact will be of a new law on workplace bullying, and why a man received a fine for the death of horses?

This blog is maintained by a barrister called Ross Vernon Bowler. The blog articles cover a wide number of categories from criminal law to family law, to evidence law and insolvency. The blogs can inform on the legal aspects of that area of law or include useful commentaries on matters of law.

Law Crime Politics

This blog is a great introduction to progressive political debate focussing on challenges in Australian crime, social issues and politics: such as immigration, climate change, human rights and other issues central to law, justice and our Australian welfare.

**It’s important to note that this blog has been taken down (Law Crime Politics)

Right Now is a blog dedicated to human right issues in Australia. Given the often debated issue of asylum seekers and human rights issues regarding the treatment of indigenous Australians, this is an informative website to provoke thought and inspire ideas.

Open and Shut

This legal blog is dedicated to informing the ordinary person about freedom of information principles. It provides insight and commentary regarding accountable government, and keeps up to date with news about laws being discussed in Parliament.

For anyone interested in property law, this blog covers all things real estate. It reflects on policy, covers criminal cases and also provides information for property buyers. It is a useful website to gain an overview of recent cases that have impacted on the industry.

Reasonable Grounds

This blog is dedicated to criminal law, and also touches on human rights and justice issues. The articles tackle topical areas of criminal law and will keep the reader informed of developments or changes in criminal legislation and the impact or consequences of those changes. A useful law blog for the lawyer or lay-person.

Whichever area of law you may have an interest in, there is a law blog out there to assist. These blogs can provide useful commentaries and keep you informed on topical developments of the day.