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Accident at Royal Daylesford Hotel Leaves 5 Dead, 5 Hospitalised

Our TAC Lawyers Are Seeking Justice for Victims

Accident lawyers at Henry Carus + Associates are currently investigating the accident at the Royal Daylesford Hotel beer garden. On Sunday 5 November, a driver jumped the kerb and crashed his car into a crowded beer garden outside the hotel on Vincent Street. Five people were killed—including two children—and a further five were taken to hospital with varying levels of injury.

The driver who struck patrons outside The Royal Daylesford Hotel is a 66-year-old Mount Macedon man; his identity has not been released. He has been hospitalised with minor injuries since the crash. Victoria Police state that the driver has no restrictions on his driver’s licence or prior convictions for serious driving offences. He is also not known to police through national security interests.

In tragedies like this, it is critical for victims, their families, and even onlookers to understand their right to TAC compensation and the importance of consulting a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Henry Carus + Associates are here to help.

Call 03 9001 1318 right away if you or someone you love was impacted by the beer garden accident in Daylesford. Our traffic lawyers are standing by to fully explore your rights and legal options.

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Who Is Entitled to TAC Compensation?

Anyone who was present at Sunday’s crash may be able to make a road accident claim. This includes:

  • Victims injured in the accident
  • The families of those killed
  • Witnesses to the crash
  • First responders

The TAC pays for the following if you are injured in a road accident:

  • Medical expenses and needed supports
  • Loss of earnings benefits (‘income support’)
  • Return to work support

If you are seriously injured, you may also qualify for a lump sum permanent impairment benefit. Additional TAC compensation may be obtained for loss of earnings capacity, pain and suffering, and other common law damages if the driver of a motor vehicle is found to be at fault for the accident.

The inquiry into the accident at The Royal Daylesford Hotel beer garden is in the very early stages. At this point, the Victorian Police have ruled out drink driving and excess speed as causes. However, if negligence was a factor, a motor vehicle lawyer at Henry Carus + Associates can help the victims pursue maximum compensation.

The TAC provides the following support for family members whose loved one is injured in a road accident:

  • Loss of wages for parents of a dependent child who take time off work
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for family members who travel more than 100km to visit a loved one in hospital
  • Counselling for family members whose loved one is injured or killed

If a family member tragically dies, the TAC can help pay for funeral expenses and provide financial support for a dependent spouse or domestic partner and/or dependent children.

Witnessing a road accident (and maybe even narrowly avoiding injury in the crash) is a traumatic experience. The TAC provides compensation for those who suffer not only physical injuries, but psychological injuries.

‘”Injury” … means physical or mental injury and includes nervous shock suffered by a person who was directly involved in the transport accident or who witnessed the transport accident or the immediate aftermath of the transport accident’
Transport Accident Act 1986 S. 3(1)

Our TAC claim lawyers can pursue compensation for medical expenses (such as the cost of counselling and psychiatric therapy), income support, and other damages.

With serious crashes like the accident at the Royal Daylesford Hotel, first responders may also suffer mental injury—up to and including nervous shock—due to the horrific things they see. Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other first responders may have a TAC claim for psychological injury following the accident at the Vincent Street pub.

Depending on the circumstances, first responders may also have a WorkCover claim for mental injury. Our TAC solicitors can seek to maximise provisional payments and other benefits.

How Long Do I Have to Make a TAC Claim?

Road accident claims are subject to extremely strict time limits. The limitation period to lodge a TAC claim is just 12 months from the date of the accident.

The importance of speaking to an accident lawyer promptly following a crash cannot be overstated. If you were affected by the tragic accident at the Royal Daylesford Hotel, do not hesitate to contact Henry Carus + Associates for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

What to Do After the Accident at the Beer Garden

The crash at the Royal Daylesford Hotel is a tragedy. Our sympathies go out to the victims, their families, and those who were on scene.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed in the aftermath of such an event. Our TAC lawyers recommend that those involved in or affected by the accident at the Vincent Street pub take the steps below. Doing so will allow you to keep a clear head and preserve your legal rights.

  1. Seek medical care. Most of those involved in the crash have already been taken to hospital. If you weren’t physically hurt but are struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, etc., you should see a doctor ASAP.
  2. Contact law enforcement. The police are already investigating the accident at the beer garden. Nonetheless, you should make your own report so there is a formal record.
  3. Stay organised. From medical records to police reports, major accidents result in a lot of paperwork. It is important to keep any and all documents organised so you can stay on top of medical care, legal proceedings, etc.
  4. Lodge a TAC claim. Injured individuals and families who lose loved ones can make a claim with the TAC online. This should be done as soon as possible so you and your family can start receiving benefits.
  5. Seek legal advice. Never underestimate the benefit of having a car accident lawyer represent you if you were injured in a crash or someone you love tragically died in a road accident. This is particularly important in situations involving multiple victims, serious injuries, and fatalities.

Although the casualty count from the accident at the Royal Daylesford Hotel currently stands at 5 dead and 5 injured, many additional people are likely to be affected. Henry Carus + Associates stand ready to represent anyone who has been injured or suffered a loss in this disaster. We also encourage those affected by this tragedy to reach out to our partners at Amber Community, an organisation that provides support to people who are seriously injured or bereaved following road accidents.

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The TAC legislation in Victoria can be difficult to navigate. Henry Carus + Associates have unparalleled experience with the applicable laws and regulations, enabling our firm to provide a higher standard of representation for those injured in road accidents throughout VIC.

From urban areas like Melbourne to smaller rural communities like Daylesford, car accidents can happen anywhere. The accident at the Royal Daylesford Hotel is a grim reminder of this fact. It also illustrates the importance of retaining an accident lawyer specialising in compensation law.

At Henry Carus + Associates, we believe You Deserve More. We fully explore the TAC compensation available to all parties in the accident—injured individuals, families, witnesses, first responders, etc.—and aggressively pursue a favourable outcome.

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