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Balcony Collapse Injury Lawyers in Victoria

Poorly constructed or maintained balconies put people at high risk for injury should they collapse or otherwise fail. At Henry Carus + Associates, we believe that victims of balcony collapse injuries should not be held responsible for the suffering they endure.

Those who own property in Victoria have a responsibility to uphold safe conditions on their property. This means if you were injured through no fault of your own in a balcony collapse, you might be entitled to compensation through a public liability claim. The experienced public liability lawyers at Henry Carus + Associates have the expertise that is required to obtain the compensation you deserve for the injuries you sustain in a balcony collapse.

Collapsed Balcony in Victoria

Compensation for Balcony Collapse Accidents

Our public liability lawyers at Henry Carus + Associates will work diligently to recover the compensation that you deserve after a balcony collapse. We will investigate all avenues of your case to determine whether or not negligence contributed to your accident.

Our lawyers will work through all available evidence to find out what caused a balcony collapse. Areas and aspects of the property we investigate include:

  • The construction of the property
  • The maintenance of the property over time
  • Warnings signs and structure integrity (obvious termite damage or wear and tear that should have been addressed)

Most people in Victoria have a homeowners or renters insurance policy. In cases of a balcony collapse, these policies (if they are available) should provide a chance for compensation to the victims.

Another party that comes into question in these accidents is the real estate agent for the property. In the experience of Henry Carus + Associates, the inspections of properties by rental real estate agents tend to be very slight. Due to this, the inspection carried out by that agent can also be looked at carefully by one of our lawyers. If it is found that the inspection was not carried out correctly, the real estate agent’s insurance can also be turned to for compensation.

We believe that insurance serves to help those who have been injured or traumatised in an accident. If it is available, it should be sought, and if there is a reason to ask for it to assist an injured person and their family, it should be asked for.

Video About Balcony Collapse Injury Claims

Injuries From Balcony Collapses Can Be Severe

Balconies support those who are high above the ground and when they falter, very little stands between the individuals on the balcony and the ground below. Unfortunately, many people involved in balcony collapse accidents end up severely injured or dead.

Such a tragedy happened recently in Melbourne when a balcony collapse left two dead, and 17 others injured at a Tupperware party in Doncaster East. Reports state that 30 people were on the balcony attempting to take a photo when the balcony collapsed trapping people underneath.

Very little information is known about the property as of now. However, we expect much more to be revealed in the coming months as a coronial inquest is carried out. We are confident there will be numerous inspectors that take a look at the property to ascertain exactly what happened on that fateful night.

We hope that this incident serves as a beacon that sparks action from homeowners and property owners around Victoria. Tragedies such as the one in Doncaster East can and should be prevented moving forward. Safety inspections should be thorough, and problems should be immediately addressed to avoid further accidents.

Allow Us to be Your Personal Advocate

The public liability lawyers at Henry Carus + Associates have over 40 years of experience working on cases involving accidents that occur in a public space. We believe that victims of these accidents deserve to be compensated for their injuries. Our experience in lodging these types of claims has given us unmatched knowledge and insight into how to build your case so it can be successful. If you or loved one has been impacted by a balcony collapse accident or any other type of public liability accident, contact us today.