The Story about this TAC Claim

Ben, a hardworking Carpenter owner-builder, was involved in a motor vehicle accident that caused severe injuries to his lungs, liver as well as multiple fractures to his ribs and pelvis.

He came to us seeking our support and guidance to assist him through the process of making a TAC claim. 

We resolved his matter in 2016 achieving an excellent outcome for Ben.

It would seem the outcome has truly benefited Ben over the years since, as this review comes to us now 7 years after his settlement.

We wish Ben all the best going forward.

Actual Client Testimonial.

I was in a serious car accident back in 2012 and it was one of the most scariest times of my life. I was still young mid 30s and having a career as a Carpenter owner Builder I was looking at many long years of professional rehabilitation and the outlook of going back to my career wasn’t an option “What to do”! Well, I made an appointment with my father to go see Henry Carus and as I stumbled in trying to walk with my two crutches in hand from the serious injuries, I was still trying to recover from but as I got to the door one of the lovely stuff members started to rise as she asked me “if I needed help” which was very kind, “I said thank but I’m fine I have my father with me so I was okay. She said take a sit and Henry will be with us shortly and in under 10 minutes I me and my father were greeted by him and were shown to an office to talk privately and my current situation. Henry listened to my story and told me not to worry he had extensive knowledge about how the T.A.C. works and about the no-win no pay if he was to take on my case. After we had finished talking I left feeling happy and very confident about Henry taking on my case. Once we left everything worked out greatly with his professional staff and other team of kind, friendly and hard-working lawyers on my cases they worked for me to get the best outcome possible.

In the end and after everything it worked out to exactly what we were told by Henry in our first meeting, and it exceeded all expectations.

I would definitely recommend Henry Carus and associate for the professional lawyers he has and the vast knowledge of how the T.A.C. system works.

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