The Story about this TAC Claim

Our client was a witness to the Bourke Street Massacre back in January 2017. On the day of the incident, he was leaving his work building to grab some lunch and as he was walking down the street, he heard noises getting louder and louder. He then saw a lady and a child get hit by a car, witnessing them fly into the air and landing on the ground. He remained at work to try to process and overcome the psychological reaction to what he witnessed. He struggled and was unable to face the incident site which he had to walk past each day. His mental health gradually worsened which resulted in cessation of his employment. He went to several law firms but was told he had no claim. He then came to see our Henry Carus.

Henry Carus + Associates not only resolved his claim for pain & suffering but also for his economic loss for past and future earnings capacity. Here is what he had to say after his settlement:

Actual Client Testimonial.

I am very grateful for the professionalism, dedication and hard work involved through my legal team to resolve my TAC case with a very positive outcome, my lawyer Ciltra has been working tirelessly to help me along the way. She’s also very caring and empathetic towards my particular situation, I have also received excellent support and communications from Sakina and Aimee. I would highly recommend Henry Carus to anyone who requires legal services regarding their personal injury.

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