The Story about this WorkCover Claim

Clinton is a bus driver and met with us after being involved in a collision at work.

The driver of a car travelling in the opposite direction to Clinton’s bus lent over to pick up a cigarette that had been dropped the passenger floor. The car veered onto the opposite side of the road and hit Clinton’s bus head-on.

Clinton immediately felt pain in his lower back and was taken by ambulance to hospital. He took some time off work to recover, managing his pain with medication and physiotherapy.

However if there was one thing Clinton loved most it was driving buses and providing for his family. A few months after the accident Clinton returned to work full-time and it appeared as though he made a full recovery.

However Clinton is a stoic man and after listening to his story, It became clear to us that his return to work did not paint an accurate picture of the true effects his injuries had on his life.

Clinton’s personal life had been turned upside down and he was no longer able to enjoy any of the things he previously loved. He was unable to maintain the family home, sold his caravan and Ford Anglia car that he had restored. Clinton’s family told us that he just wasn’t the same man they knew before the accident.

We listened to Clinton and his family and gathered a great deal of evidence to show how his life has changed.

We are so pleased to have achieved an excellent result for him and here is what he has to say about our services:

Actual Client Testimonial.

It is my pleasure to provide you with a testimonial of the service and care I received while your company were undertaking my case.

I would like to sincerely thank Henry Carrus and Associates, particularly Ryan Moran, who made the process of obtaining compensation in my case, less stressful for myself and my family. The decision to proceed with Henry Carrus was made when I researched a few different lawyers on the internet, one stood out and also came highly recommended by a colleague.

I know my case was challenging due to my previous injuries, but Ryan always gave me the confidence that he would make every effort to obtain a successful outcome. Ryan was very professional in his dealings with me and made me feel at ease throughout the process.

It took more than four and a half years to reach this success and during this time Ryan always kept me informed of the progress, the possible outcomes and the time it may take to achieve this. The fact that I continued to work but then made significant sacrifices to my personal and private life made it a difficult case but I did not want give up what I loved to do.

I endured numerous medical appointments and panels; the TAC fought hard to deny me the serious injury certificate. It was all worth it when, in the last moment, only days before we were to go to court, Ryan and myself got together with the TAC to discuss my case and they finally agreed to grant me the certificate.

This news meant so much to me. There is no greater feeling than being finally able to move forward without the burden of a court case. I would like to sincerely thank Henry Carrus, Ryan and the team for all the dedication they put in to my case and for achieving this positive outcome. I can finally move on with my life!

I feel that should I ever need the services of Henry Carrus and Associates, I would choose them again without question.

With my sincere thanks

Clinton Wilde

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